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Introducing the CP Officers' Handbook & Specialty Track Guide (2018)

Posted on 05/29/2018 at 08:30 AM by Curt LaFond



Introducing CAPP 60-11, the Cadet Program Officers’ Handbook and Specialty Track Guide. This resource becomes effective on 1 October 2018, at which time it will replace the current specialty track, CAPP 216. Thereafter, ratings may be earned only by fulfilling CAPP 60-11’s requirements. We’re posting CAPP 60-11 now, four months early, as a convenience.

This edition returns to the handbook format. You’ll find the usual information on how to advance in the specialty track, but at 65 pages, the CP Officers’ Handbook also includes tons of suggested best practices. It’s intended as the “start here” guide for adults who are new to the Cadet Program. Some topics include:

  • How should you select and organize a cadet staff?

  • What curriculum resources are available? (Hint:  a lot!)

  • What’s a wingman and how should the wingman program operate?

  • Who does what on the adult staff?

  • What are some best practices for planning successful weekly squadron meetings?

  • How can you use cadets as instructors while ensuring activities are of high quality?

Restated, the cadet regulations (CAPR 60-1, CAPR 60-2) tell you what to do, while the CP Officers’ Handbook advises you how to do it well.

Additionally, to continue our community’s growth, we’ve included a handful of readings about youth development as a profession. Eventually those readings will be incorporated into the TLC courses.

Finally, the specialty track requirements have been updated to incorporate program elements that simply didn’t exist back in April 2014 when the current / soon to be obsolete edition was released. You’ll see knowledge and performance requirements relating to CEAP, Curry Blues, the Cadet Wingman Program, etc.

Ask anyone. The quality of adult leadership is indisputably the #1 factor affecting the cadets. We hope this new resource equips adult volunteers with valuable new tools to help their local programs and the cadets flourish.  




I tend to somewhat agree with Mr. Nickelson as the USAF/CAP are making in harder to be a "volunteer". However, encampments are a singular Cadet Program activity in and of themselves. I find it hard to imagine a senior member in an encampment staff position for only 20 hours. That is not, in my opinion, performing an encampment staff duty. If cadets must complete 80% of encampment activities to get credit, it should be the same for SMs. Credit should be applied for SM staff duty at other CAP events of at least 72 hours duration, with significant cadet participation, such as Wing/Region/National cadet activities; AFAM; SAREX; FTX; etc.
Earl Webb | 11/20/2018 at 08:46 AM
I have to question the logic behind requiring 20 hours of staff experience for the Senior rating (and additional 20 for Master) at an encampment. While I agree that experiencing that particular aspect of cadet life offers some insight into the cadet experience, there should be other comparable opportunities afforded potential Senior and Master CP candidates that satisfy that requirement. Participation hours as staff in weekend and week-long ES activities, weekend leadership activities and the like should also be considered as adequate contact hours towards attaining advanced ratings.
WILL NICKELSON | 07/18/2018 at 01:57 PM
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