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Fall 2021 - Cadet Publication Refresh

Posted on September 2, 2021 at 4:05 PM by Curt LaFond

Fall 2021 - Cadet Publication Refresh

Several cadet publications, including three cadet regulations, are updating effective 5 October 2021. Most of the changes are due to “Cadet Interactive.,” which makes the leadership and aerospace lessons available as web-based modules. Other changes flow from the new “Cyber Security” module, part of the aerospace requirements cadets must complete along the way to the Mitchell. A few changes are due to minor refinements to Cadet Protection Program rules, and there are some generic housekeeping updates as well.

What’s Next? We recommend that commanders, CP officers, and cadet officers start familiarizing themselves with the program changes. Here's three ways to do that: 

Preview each publication here

Check out “Cadet News & Innovations” for a summary

Watch the 20-min “Cadet News & Innovations” presentation

Hard Copy Mailing.  Watch your squadron mailbox in October for hard copies of the most impactful documents to arrive.




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With regards to the new promotion requirements, please do not make this program soft. I have been in this program for five years. When I joined, you had to do as many push-ups and sit ups as you could in a minute. The numerical requirements of PT were also tougher. The online tests were difficult in a good way. Basically, if you wanted to promote, you had to earn it. You had to work to EARN it. What I’m saying and asking is, please do not take the honor out of the ranks, especially the milestones. Also, the honor stars will make the uniform look ridiculous and childish. Achievements like bronze clasps on community service, red service, encampment, etc. will be overshadowed by a bunch of little stars on the rank ribbons. I may complete the “honor” promotions with the interactive thing, but I will not be wearing the star. I still believe this program is great. I hold this program at a high value. But I would appreciate if we do not devalue the work that this program takes. We are not just a club. We are the Civil Air Patrol. We are today’s cadets and tomorrow’s aerospace leaders. Respectfully,
C/Capt Luke Hollman | 1/6/22 at 8:39 PM
I'd also like to say this - I know far too many people who have devoted their life to CAP, have served for 10,15,20+ years, but have recently quit because of NHQs recent policies. I have commanded many cadets who have gotten into their 2nd,3rd,4th year of CAP and left CAP because of NHQ policies. I cannot speak to areas beyond North Carolina, South Carolina, Virignia, Tennessee are, but I truly believe based of the many conversations I've had with fellow cadets and seniors that the average member is unhappy with things right now. Many people are unwilling to say their opinion about things like this update because they feel like their voice is not heard or that speaking out will change nothing. I'd hope that NHQ would take into these accounts and maybe reevaluate a few things. The number one rule of being a leader is taking care of your people.
C/2d Lt Aiden Richardson | 9/26/21 at 1:53 PM
While I am still very ignorant on these new changes and updates, I have looked through the previews and video. Personally, I do not like these changes. These "innovations", I feel change the cadet program instead of IMPROVE the program. While everything here has both pro's and con's, I (along with many other cadets and senior whom I have conversed with), think these changes will weaken the strength of Civil Air Patrol cadet program. These changes are implemented while cadets on every level of CAC are pushing for the ability to wear Ranger Tabs, Blue berets, and ES patches. CAP is willing to let cadets put a silver star on every achievement ribbon in recognition of earning "honor credit" while not recognizing the years of hard work put in by say an Expert Ranger. Honor Credit stars severely weaken the importance of the COS star. This is just going to make the uniform look ridiculous.
C/2d Lt Aiden Richardson | 9/26/21 at 1:38 PM
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