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Cadet Webinars

What's new in Cadet Programs, and what do you have to say? Join the National Cadet Team for a webinar.  

Everyone is welcome. No prior approval from the chain of command is needed. All times are in Central Time. All sessions are recorded for later viewing


Upcoming Webinars

Spring 2022 Encampment Webinar Series- click here for more info






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Squadron Operations


Special Activities

Conference Sessions



Annual Cadet Survey Results 

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March 2022

Curt LaFond reviews the results of the Annual Survey sent out to cadets, parent and CP officers. In 2022 the survey focused on customer satisfaction and internal processes. 

BGCA/CAP Partnership Kickoff Meeting

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March 2022

Connect with the Boys & Girls Club of America representative and get started on accessing all the wonderful resources that BGCA has to offer. 
Meet the BGCA liaison and learn how to register for Take a guided tour of the specific opportunities available to those associated with the BGCA Military Youth Affiliated Programs, discover where to find BGCA grants open to CAP and other opportunities that are available to CAP members. 


Cadet Advisory Council

Jan 2018

The Cadet Advisory Council is one of the most common yet mysterious aspects of the Cadet Program.  Hear from the members of the NCAC about the purpose, operations and best practices of the council. 


Squadron Operations


Supporting Cadets with Special Needs

Dec 2018

The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program welcomes young people of all backgrounds and abilities in our important work.  CAP's Nondiscrimination Policy makes it clear that we'll make "reasonable accommodations" for individuals, but when a prospective cadet with special needs arrives at your door it may not be clear how best to include and support them.  Please join us for a discussion on what we can do to make sure that all cadets are able to participate in the full breadth of cadet life.  


Active Cadet Fitness Program


The updated Active Cadet Fitness Program aligns the cadet fitness curriculum with the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.  The new CPFT regiment will be available immediately upon publication of CAPR 60-1, but isn't mandated until 1 January 2018.  Learn what makes the updated program different, what you'll need and how to make a smooth transition.




Encampment 2021 & Beyond

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Dec 2021

Target audience: Wing & Region Cadet Programs Leaders and Wing Encampment Commanders and Staff


Training Officers- The Chaperone/Mentor Balancing Act


Join experts from across the country in discussing tips and tricks for seniors serving as training officers at encampments.


Flight Staff Responsibilities & Tips for Success


Join experts from across the country in discussing tips and tricks for cadets serving as flight staff at encampments.


Cadet Executive Staff- Setting the Tone


Join experts from across the country in discussing tips and tricks for cadets serving as executive staff at encampments.


Special Activities


National Cadet Special Activities and CadetInvest - Financial Assistance


Have you wondered how to apply for a National Cadet Special Activity?  Are you curious how cadets are selected?  As a commander or Director of Cadet Programs, you need to approve cadet applications. Where do you do that?  Wonder what scholarships or financial assistance is available to cadets from National Headquarters for cadets and how to apply? With the introduction of Youth Aviation Initiative programs, we have over $1M to help cadets attend activities and further their flying experience.  Join this webinar for a quick review of what you need to know about National Cadet Special Activities, CadetInvest and our newest diamond of cadet life-Cadet Wings-financial assistance for achieving a private pilot certification.


National Cadet Special Activities


Come and learn about National Cadet Special Activities! Cadets, learn how to apply and maximize your chances of getting slotted for your dream activity. Senior leaders, learn how to manage the process, approve applications and help cadets along the way.


Conference Sessions


Youth Development Conference - January 2022 (Virtual)

2022 YDC Website

Jan 2022

The 2022 CAP Youth Development Conference will focus on cultivating cadet programs to be memorable experiences that stimulate powerful learning and growth. Many CAP activities successfully create these types of experiences; leaders can leverage the Experiential Learning Cycle and Choice Theory strategies to elevate these activities to be robust and intentional experiences for cadets to learn, reflect, and grow.

Conference participants will discuss how we can elevate the culture of our home units to create environments that support positive youth development, which in-turn foster cadets' intrinsic motivations for learning and growth. We’ll examine the importance of building relationships to create positive cultures and explore how the simple habit of reflection can significantly impact youth development, elevating cadets' experiences from fun and memorable to meaningful, substantial moments of growth.

Participants will further their understanding of practical methods for designing positive youth development experiences and creating cultures that encourage growth.

All conference sessions were recorded and posted on the 2022 YDC Website



Be an Ally:  Supporting LGBT Cadets


All across America, social dynamics are changing and we’re seeing an increasing number of openly lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender cadets. Yet many adult volunteers lack experience mentoring LGBT youth and have questions on practical matters affecting their full inclusion. This session is an opportunity to ask questions, learn about best practices, and become a more effective ally for all cadets, especially LGBT cadets.




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