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CadetInvest Financial Assistance

Want to know more about how CAP can help cadets obtain their private pilot certificate with minimum out-of-pocket cost? Check out the video below. 


Private Pilot Pathway Opportunities for CAP Cadets


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funded by YAI and James C. Ray Flight Foundation

CadetInvest connects cadets, their aspirations and funding partners.

We empower cadets -- extraordinary young leader -- to pursue aspirations along three paths:

  • ✈Flight Training, in response to the worldwide pilot shortage
  • ✈Career Exploration in STEM and service-oriented fields at CAP activities like our NCSAs
  • ✈Undergraduate Education


CAP uses a single application to be considered for any CadetInvest program or scholarship.  Please be sure to read the application procedures below and on linked webpages prior to making your application in eServices.  

In addition to our CAP academic, flight scholarships, and Cadet Encampment Assistance, the Youth Aviation Initiative, sponsored by the US Air Force, will help Cadets be aviation-career ready.  Check out this exciting new program on our CadetInvest pages.

Assistance for School and Flying

Civil Air Patrol provides financial assistance to select, deserving cadets.  Scholarships, Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP), and Youth Aviation Initiative programs are merit or needs-based awards. (Senior member scholarships are no longer available through this application process.  Check through your unit, wing or region for senior member scholarship opportunities.)  Financial assistance in form of a scholarship is taxable, and therefore, you will receive a 1099 for them at the end of the year. 

The scholarship portfolio is announced each fall.  Combined with our financial assistance programs, cadets are eligible for over $1.35 million in financial assistance. Be sure to check the "Other Opportunities" page for scholarships and internships external to the CAP, administered through our associations with other verified organizations.

The CAP scholarship program is partially funded by member support.  If individuals would like to make a donation to the scholarship program, go to this link. Those wishing to create an honorary or memorial scholarship, contact CAP Development at

Basic Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria apply to all scholarships and programs.  Additional criteria will be noted within the specifics of an individual scholarship or program information page.

  1. Be a current CAP Cadet.  See specific program or scholarship information page for minimum CAP rank/achievement.

  2. Have not previously been a recipient of the scholarship or program to which you are applying.  For example, if you received a Cadet Academic Scholarship last year, this year you may apply for the USAA Academic scholarship or another named academic scholarship, or any flight scholarship, but you may not apply for the Cadet Academic Scholarship again.

  3. Possess and maintain an academic and discipline standard acceptable to the school you attend.

  4. If applying for an academic scholarship, be enrolled in a full-time (as determined by the school) course of study during the academic year for which the scholarship is awarded.

Application Procedures

Please read all of the instructions here and on the individual scholarship and program information pages before you start your application in eServices.

Apply via the e-Services "CadetInvest" module.  A link is available on the Application Procedures page of this website.

Read the important information on calculating a GPA.

The deadlines to apply are different for each program.  Most scholarship application deadlines are December 31st.

Scholarship recipient announcements occur in March.  Program conditional acceptance, enrollee and waitlist announcements occur year-round.

Finalists can review their instructions on the CadetInvest Finalist Instructions page of this website.

Only those members who are selected for scholarships or programs will need to provide official school transcripts and other supporting documents to validate the information they provided in their application. 


Congratulations Scholarships Recipients!

Below is the list of this year's winners and past winners.

2021 Scholarship Finalists

2020 Scholarship Finalists

2019 Scholarship Finalists

2018 Scholarship Finalists 

2017 Scholarship Finalists

2016 Scholarship Finalists 

2015 Scholarship Finalists 

2014 Scholarship Finalists 

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