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Application Procedures

CadetInvest is now open thru 15 January

Apply Here

Academic & Flight Scholarships, Financial Assistance and USAFA Prep School


The following criteria apply to all scholarships and programs.  Additional criteria will be noted within the specifics of an individual scholarship's or program's description.

  1. Be a current CAP Cadet thru 31 December (current year).

  2. Be enrolled in a course of study during the academic year for which the scholarship is awarded.

  3. Possess and maintain an academic and discipline standard acceptable to the school you attend.

  4. Have NOT been a previous recipient for the scholarship or program to which you are applying. For example, if you received a CAP Academic Scholarship previously, this year you may apply for the USAA Academic scholarship or another named academic scholarship, or any flight scholarship, but you may not apply for the CAP Academic Scholarship again.


  1. Log on to e-Services.

  2. Click on the "menu" on the top left corner. Click on "Cadet Programs". Under Applications, click on "CAP Cadetinvest". On the next page click on the red-colored "CAP Cadetinvest" dropdown over by the top left side. Under modules, click on "Apply for Cadetinvest".

  3. Fill out each of the first five steps completely.  Be sure to tick boxes for ALL the scholarships types or programs you would like to be considered for. (Objective Points System)

  4. In the sixth step, "Supplemental" upload your Resume (if needed), Letter of Recommendation (LoR) (if needed), and additional required documents as applicable.  Each document must be in PDF format. If you have multiple documents of the same type, combine them all into one document before upload. Each scholarship or financial assistance program has different document requirements. Be sure to check the instructions for EACH scholarship or financial assistance program to which you are applying for document requirements. Title your document “LastNameCAPIDDocName.”  For example, your resume would be, “Smith444444Resume.”  

  5. Go to the seventh step and submit the application prior to the published deadline (15 January at 12:00 noon Central Time). You should receive a notification that the application is submitted. If you do not receive a submission confirmation email or experience other problems with submission of the application contact


All applications must be completed through the eServices online application module. Check the requirements for each scholarship or program to which you are applying and upload all documents to your singular application.  You can return to an application and make changes, but it will reset approvals if you do so.  

CAP Grade:  This item should auto-populate. If it does not appear to populate, submit the application, (you may get warnings the application is not complete), exit the application and your browser then return to the module.  Your grade should now be filled. Notify Cadet Programs at if it does not.

Resume: You must include a document in resume format, not longer than 2 pages, detailing any academic, community, or CAP activities not addressed on previous tabs of the application.  Please include a statement about your future goals. If applying for a flying scholarship, include any relevant aeronautical experiences, including those outsides of CAP.

Letter of Recommendation: If you are applying for a flight scholarship or other flight program, you may upload one (1) letter of recommendation from an instructor pilot who has flown with you.  Other scholarships may require a letter of recommendation and so check the scholarship or program-specific sub-page. If you have multiple documents of the same type, combine them all into one document before upload.

Flight Plan: If you are applying for a flight scholarship or program, write a detailed statement describing how you will spend your scholarship (select your preferred “Flight Path Method” and “Flight Path Track” found in CAPP 60-43, Cadet Wings Student Guide, indicate the airport from which you would fly, the name of the FBO/CFI, how often you will fly, when you will begin and end your training, etc.).

Hanna Memorial Essay: Please upload Hanna's essay if you are applying for this scholarship. The link to the document is on the Flight Scholarships page.

You are not required to provide transcripts, test scores, student certificate, etc., at this time. CAP will request those documents from you only if you are selected to receive a scholarship or enroll in a program. CAP will validate the information you provide on this electronic application with your official school transcript.

How do I know if I am selected?   NHQ will post the names of the winners online and the members that have been selected for a scholarship will receive an email with details on what supporting documents they need to provide. 

Does an IB (International Baccalaureate) course count as an AP (Advanced Placement) course?  Yes, IB courses are considered a dual enrollment course and would count towards the AP completed courses.

Our ACT test score release code is #5534

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