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Cadet Wings




NEW! Cadet Wings Application Cycle: 1 July- 30 September 12 CDT (Noon)

Watch the video BEFORE you apply!


What is Cadet Wings?

Cadet Wings is a merit-based program for cadets pursuing a Private Pilot Certificate (PPC) - it's the new diamond of cadet life. Cadets complete their training at a local flight school (sometimes referred to as "FBO") or with CAP flight instructors using our CAP Cessna 172 aircraft. Funding for this program comes from the United States Air Force and other funding partners such as the Ray Foundation with the goal of developing tomorrow's aerospace leaders. To learn more about how to become a pilot with the Civil Air Patrol please watch this video




How do I apply?

Apply through the e-Services "CadetInvest" module. A link can be found here. CadetInvest is only open from July 1st to September 30th @ noon (CST). There are no late applications accepted.


What is a Navigator?

A Navigator is a local senior member mentor that champions cadet private pilot flight training. Cadets list their chosen Navigator on their CadetInvest Application. Having a Navigator is very important and we know that Cadets that have support at the local level experience greater levels of success in their pilot training. Cadets that have a Navigator are eligible for Cadet Wings program funding though The Ray Foundation. To learn more about how to become a Navigator click here. 

What are the qualifications? 

Ideal applicants should be prepared to upload the following documents:

  1. Aircraft Ground Handling (within the past 2 years)

  2. Student Pilot Certificate 

  3. FAA Medical Certificate- Class III (not needed for glider)

  4. Solo Endorsement-- does not need to be in the same type of aircraft, glider solo will be accepted for private pilot--single engine land, or colloquially, glider solo will be accepted for powered aircraft track.

  5. Passing score on the FAA Knowledge Test aka Written Test

  6. Activities List

  7. Last two pages of Log Book flights, including the page with your initial solo

  8. Flight Plan: A statement describing how you will spend your program funds, to include your flight training plan

  9. Wings Commitment Statement

  10. Support Document-- only if you are missing any of the above criteria

    Can I apply for Cadet Wings if I do not have all the qualifications? 

Yes, you can apply for Cadet Wings without all the qualifications. However, the Youth Initiative Panel will consider cadets meeting pre-requisites first and there are limited spots available. Please include an explanation/s for the documents you are missing in your support document. There are several resources available to you though Cadet Programs such as free ground school, FAA Knowledge Test reimbursement, and flight academy scholarships. To learn more about our partnership with the EAA, please visit this webpage.


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