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Ray Navigator Information

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Are you a cadet interested in becoming a pilot?  Go to this link for more information on how to apply for Cadet Wings, including Ray Foundation funding. 


Welcome to the Ray Navigator Page!

Being a Ray Navigator is a rewarding mentoring experience that is an essential role in the success of a cadet's private pilot flight training program. The cadet's success, in part, hinges on the Navigator's effectiveness. Cadet's seeking funded private pilot flight training apply for the Cadet Wings program through the eServices CadetInvest module. The Ray Navigator helps cadets through that process, works with them during flight training to stay on task, and celebrates their successes on the path to their private pilot certificate (PPC).

Who can be a Ray Navigator?

Any senior member in the cadet's local unit, who may or may not be a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), and has a genuine interest in cadets. This essential CAP role -- the navigator -- makes certain the student pilot stays the course, helps find solutions, and makes adjustments as needed from the cadet's solo to private pilot check ride.

What does a Ray Navigator do?

  • Identifies and recommends a local cadet who qualifies for the Cadet Wings Program

  • Advocates for the cadet to apply via eServices

  • Champions the cadet's progress throughout the program as they earn their PPC

I'm ready to be a Ray Navigator! How do I get started?

  1. Let us know your interest in becoming a Ray Navigator by filling in this short form. (Approximate time to complete 3 mins)

  2. Identify a cadet who is interested in becoming a pilot and encourage them to apply for Cadet Wings via the eServices CadetInvest application.

  3. Become familiar with the Cadet Wings - Student Guide, CAPP 60-43. If you have a cadet who is interested but not yet eligible, help them work towards the ideal candidate qualities listed in the guide so they are ready in future years.

  4. Write a letter of recommendation for the cadet as their Ray Navigator, which is required for the CadetInvest application.  Note: During the application notification process, the Ray Navigator will be cc'd on all communication sent to their cadet.

  5. Help keep cadet on track during training. If cadet has an issue, assist getting it worked out.  

  6. Celebrate the cadet's flight training success by highlighting milestones in meetings and with the local community media.

Training coming soon...


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