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The Ray Foundation though Cadet Wings has provided $330,000 of funding for flight training. There is great value in mentorship at a local level and cadets that are directly engaged in this way can receive this financial support through Cadet Wings. Navigators are expected to work with the cadet during flight training to stay on task and celebrate their successes on the path to their Private Pilot Certificate (PPC). Pilot training is hard and it’s easy to become discouraged.  The Navigator can provide encouragement and motivation to help the student pilot moving forward while advocating on their behalf. Cadet's seeking funded private pilot flight training apply for the Cadet Wings program through the eServices CadetInvest module and list the CAPID of their desired Navigator. 

Who can be a Navigator?

Any senior member with a desire to help cadets succeed! Ideally, they will be in the cadets local unit. Being a CFI or having aviation experience is not required! 

What does a Navigator do?

The role of the Navigator is to be a mentor to a Cadet who desires to become a pilot. Navigators are expected to champion success from encouragement to apply to taking pictures on checkride day-- and everything in between! Navigators remain in constant contact with their cadet and make sure to celebrate milestones and troubleshoot hurdles. Becoming familiar with CAPP 60-43 and the Cadet Wings program will help both the Navigator and the cadet make their way through the application, enrollment, and flight training process. 

What can Navigators expect throughout the application and flight training process?


How to get started: Watch Navigator 101

Ray Foundation Funded Cadets 

Skyla Ziegler SER,  GA Larry Taylor SER, GA Enrolled
Mason Rowe GLR,  KY Tammy Vessels GLR, KY Graduated, PPC
Cayden Smith GLR, OH Brett Kollar GLR, OH Enrolled
Ibrahim Abdirahman NCR,  MN Catherine Plasschaert NCR, MN Graduated, PPC
Cayden Ball GLR, OH David Chaney GLR, OH Enrolled
Aidan Peck PCR,  CA Robin Kim PCR, CA Graduated, PPC
Cecilia Delgadillo NER, NY Thomas Vreeland NER, NY Enrolled
Charles Allen PCR,  CA Nicholas Ross PCR, CA Enrolled
Jonathan Hedges SER,  GA David Pitts SER,  GA Enrolled
Bryce Wong PCR,  CA David Offitzer PCR, CA Enrolled
Kaila Mutebi NCR,  KS Charles Lamb NCR, KS Enrolled
Walter Akers SER,   TN Stephen Blackwell SER,  TN Contracting
Owen Strube GLR,   IN Brian Herbert GLR,  IN Enrolled
Joshua Cucci PCR,  CA Trent Ferris PCR, CA Enrolled
Luke Both PCR,  CA Robin Kim PCR, CA Graduated, PPC
Katelyn Winkleblech PCR,  CA Mark Nicholson PCR, CA Enrolled
David Cavazos SWR, TX David C Cavazos SWR, TX Enrolled
Savukinas Cassandra NER,  PA Douglas Orr NER,  PA Enrolled
Abbigale Rougeau SWR, LA Michael Rougeau SWR, LA Enrolled
Joseandres Hernandez SER,   FL Dean Roemmich SER,  FL Graduated, PPC
Caleb Pinnow SER,  GA Catherine Perschke SER, GA  Enrolled
Joel Barber SWR, AR Robert Littleton SWR, AR Enrolled
Andrew Varadin SWR, AZ Frank Gibson SWR, AZ Enrolled
Justin Paul PCR, WA Brian Paul PCR, WA Enrolled
Joshua Garner Woods GLR,   IL Michael Emmert GLR,   IL Enrolled
Samuel Ten MAR, VA Julie Demyanovich MAR, VA Contracting
James Joshua  NER,  PA Adam Springmyer NER,  PA Contracting
Adrienne Detwiler GLR, OH David Rose GLR, OH Contracting

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