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Finalist Instructions

How to Claim Your Scholarship
Important information
  • All cadet award recipients have been notified. Click here for the 2023 Scholarship Finalists 
  • DO NOT send documents via email,  follow instructions below. 
  • Label ANY uploaded documents: Yourlastname_CAPID_ItemName.  Ex. Jones_113762_Contract or Jones_113762_FlightPlan
  • Checks will not be processed until ALL forms are received and verified.  
  • Email well in advance of the deadline if you encounter any problems obtaining transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, student pilot certificates, medical certificates, etc.  If you do not submit forms on time, your scholarship will be given to another cadet.

  1. Use the Scholarship Payment Request Form and submission link in your email to provide us with details needed to process your scholarship check. Fill out the highlighted portions and include the full scholarship name and amount “Purpose” block. The form must be downloaded first, and then filled in before saving and uploading.  Otherwise, it will show up as a blank form when you send it to us. 

  2. Complete the applicable commitment statement below and upload to the “Scholarship Submission” link provided in your email.




  1. Upload transcripts to the “Scholarship Submission” link provided in your email.  Unofficial transcripts are accepted but must be dated after 31 December 2022.) If you are home-schooled, send records available to demonstrate your successful progress in school.  This item should be signed by the person/institution responsible for your attendance and uploaded to the link in your instructions email. 

  2. Upload SAT or ACT results to the “Scholarship Submission” link provided in your email to verify what you reported in your application. You do not have to send in your SAT/ACT scores if you selected "NOT TAKEN" or “1149 or lower" for SAT or "21 or less for ACT" on your application.  

  3. Additional needed Documents for Flight Scholarships. Upload to “Scholarship Submission” link provided in your email. 

    • Flight Training Plan Update--Describe how you plan to use the flight scholarship with details.  You may use the one submitted during the application but update it and be specific.  Who will you fly with if getting instruction, where will you fly, how often, the estimated time you will complete the certification you are working towards, etc.? Upload to the link in your acceptance/instructions email.

    • 3rd Class Flight Medical Certificate or higher-- Upload a copy of your 3rd Class medical certificate (or higher), if you are progressing towards a pilot certificate that requires a medical.  Not required if you are using funds to attend or take an online ground school.  Upload to the link in your acceptance/instructions email.

    • Student Certificate (or applicable pilot certificate) --If you are using funds for flying, upload a copy of the front and back of your Student Pilot Certificate or applicable pilot certificate to the link in your acceptance/instructions email.

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