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Like adult staff in other after school and youth-serving organizations, the Cadet Programs Officer is CAP's version of a youth development professional. More than mere chaperones, they are educators and role models, trusted adults who enable cadets to grow and succeed through CAP's carefully-designed Cadet Program. Survey after survey, cadets say that the #1 factor affecting cadet life is their having access to well-trained, highly-committed adult leaders. 

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Best Resources for CP Officers


CAPR 60-1, Cadet Program Management     

CAPR 60-2, Cadet Protection Policy

Training & Tools

Quick Overview of CP Officer Professional Development  

CAPP 60-11, CP Officer Handbook & Specialty Track Guide    Key Reference    

Cadet Protection Basic & Advanced Courses

Training Leaders of Cadets Courses

CAPF 60-83, Squadron Meeting Planner


Quality Cadet Unit Award

Cadet Key Performance Indicators 

Cadet Unit Climate Review

Program News

Cadet Blog

Cadet Webinars

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