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Scholarship Finalist Instructions

How to Claim Your Scholarship


DEADLINE for all forms and scores to arrive at Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters is 15 May 2018.  

1. Respond to email sent to you directly from Cadet Programs to ensure two-way communication before sending any other documents. 

2. Any documents requested should be sent electronically, using the upload link provided in your email.  Documents sent directly from institutions like your high school, college or ACT College Board should be sent electronically to

3. Label any documents you send as: Yourlastname_CAPID_ItemName.  Ex. Jones_000000_Contract. or Jones_000000_FlightPlan

4. We will not send a check until ALL forms are received.  Please email well in advance of the deadline if you encounter any problems obtaining transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, student pilot certificates, medical certificates, etc.  If you do not submit forms on time, your scholarship will be given to another cadet.

Note: If you are using your flight scholarship for payment to attend a Civil Air Patrol National Flight Academy, be sure to send your activity staff notification of your scholarship so they know to hold your slot. It takes up to 2 weeks to send you the check once we receive ALL required documentation.

Documents to Return

1. Scholarship Payment Request Form--Complete top portion of the Scholarship Payment Request Form up to "Amount"  above the "Description" box and upload to the link in your acceptance email. The form must be downloaded first, and then filled in before saving and uploading.  Otherwise, it will show up as a blank form when you send it to us.  If you do not have Adobe, please send your mailing address to Lt Col Torres using, and he will create a Scholarship Payment Request Form for you.  

2. Contract--Complete the appropriate contract linked on this page and upload to the link in your acceptance email.

Academic Scholarship Form Links Flight Scholarship Form Links
Board Of Governors Academic Capt Stephen Merritt Memorial Glider Academy
Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Academic  Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Flight $1000 or $1350
Dr. Ron Hanson Academic Col Mary Feik Flight
Employee Giving Campaign  Academic Continental Motors Group Private Pilot Flight
USAA Academic Lt Col William E. Hanna, Jr. Memorial Cadet Flight
  Susan Easter Flight 


3.  Transcripts--Have your high school or college email or mail your transcripts. It must come from the school or have the school's seal intact. If you are home-schooled, send records available to demonstrate your successful progress in school.  This item should be signed by the person/institution responsible for your attendance.

Civil Air Patrol NHQ
Attn: Cadet Programs Scholarships
105 South Hansell Street
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112

4.  ACT or SAT Scores--Send SAT or ACT results to verify what you reported in your application. 

SAT college code    3910
ACT college code    5534

You do not have to send in your SAT/ACT scores, if one of the following applies

  1. You have received a CAP Scholarship in the past 2 years and your SAT/ACT scores have not changed;

  2. Your school posts your SAT/ACT scores on your transcripts; or

  3. You selected "NOT TAKEN" or  "1549 or lower" for SAT or "21 or less for ACT" on your scholarship application.

5.   Additional Documents for Flight Scholarships

  1. Flight Training Plan Update--Describe how you plan to use the flight scholarship with details.  You may use the one submitted during application, but update it and be specific.  Who will you fly with if getting instruction, where will you fly, how often, estimated time you will complete the certification you are working towards, etc. Upload to the link in your acceptance email.

  2. 3rd Class Flight Medical Certificate-- Upload a copy of your 3rd Class medical certificate, if you are progressing towards a pilot certificate which requires a medical.  Not required if you are using funds to attend or take an online ground school.  Upload to the link in your acceptance email.

  3. Student Certificate--If you are using funds for flying, upload a copy to the link in your acceptance email.

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