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Youth Aviation Initiative

Application cycle for 2018/19 will open on Mid-November.

More details coming in mid-November.  For a general overview of the Cadet Wings and YAI, register for our upcoming webinar on "NCSAs and CadetInvest" in November.  Recordings will be posted the last week of November.

Take-Off Program - TOP Cadet

(Second Cadet Year)


Merit-based program supporting cadets at week-long powered and glider flight academies, possibly leading at a solo flight

Lift Program

(Second Year Cadet)

Watch Gen Smith's weekly video highlighting the Cadet Lift Program.

Need-based supporting cadets at week-long career explorations (NCSAs)

Cadet Wings Program

(Third Cadet Year & Beyond)


Merit-based program for cadets pursuing a private pilot certificate; ultra-competitive...jewel of cadet life

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