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Adult Leaders

The Cadet Programs Officer

Cadet Programs Officer is an umbrella term claimed by any senior member whose CAP service focuses on instructing, supervising, or mentoring cadets, such as adult volunteers holding these duty assignments:

  • Director of Cadet Programs    

  • Squadron Commander

  • Deputy Commander / DCC

  • Leadership Officer          

  • Aerospace Officer

  • Fitness Officer

  • Character Development Instructor

  • Testing Officer 

  • Recruiting & Retention Officer

  • Staff Assistants  (CP staff at group level and higher)

Youth Development Professionals

Like adult staff in other after school and youth-serving organizations, the Cadet Programs Officer is CAP's version of a youth development professional. They are not mere chaperones but are educators and role models, trusted adults who enable cadets to grow and succeed through CAP's carefully-designed Cadet Program. Survey after survey, cadets say that the #1 factor affecting cadet life is their having access to well-trained, highly-committed adult leaders. 

In relation to cadets, CP Officers are authority figures. They are entrusted with the responsibility of acting in loco parentis, in the place of the parent. Accordingly, they do not permit their relationships with cadets to deteriorate into peer-to-peer relationships. 

Best Resources for CP Officers


CAPR 60-1, Cadet Program Management     
Summary of Enhancements

CAPR 60-2, Cadet Protection Policy
Summary of Enhancements   

Training & Tools

CAPP 60-11, CP Officer Handbook &
Specialty Track Guide

Cadet Protection Basic & Advanced Courses

Training Leaders of Cadets Courses

CAPF 60-83, Squadron Meeting Planner

CP Specialty Track Checklists


Quality Cadet Unit Award

Program News

Cadet Blog

Cadet Webinars


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