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National Cadet Team

We are a group of full-time paid and part-time unpaid professionals working together in support of today's cadets. Team members include cadet alumni, retired military, educators, aviators, and other professionals. Our office is located in Montgomery, Ala., at Maxwell AFB. 



(877) 227-9142 x410

Team Mission

Provide research-based and strategic-level educational, policy, and programatic leadership to the CAP cadet community.

Team Vision

Constantly improving the cadet experience for today's cadets

Key Leadership Circle



Curt LaFond*

Director   bio

Col Ned Lee, CAP

National Cadet Programs Manager   bio    

Wendy Hamilton*

Program Manager, Activities Group

Joanna Lee*

Program Manager, Education Group

Lt Col George Ishikata, CAP      

Staff Coordinator

Susan Schneider*

Program Coordinator

Denotes full-time employee

Organizational Chart

December 2017

Current Priorities

1.  Youth Aviation Initiative
Increase cadet opportunities to fly and get involved in aviation in the broadest sense of the term

2.  Cadets at School
Make the Cadet Program easier for schools to implement as an extra-curricular, on-campus activity

3.  Cyber Module   (Development underway; launches 2019)
Integrate cyber into the core curriculum via a new module in the Aerospace Dimensions series

4.  Cadet Program Officers' Handbook
Transform the specialty track guide into the #1 resource for adult volunteers

5.  Cadet Great Start
Refresh the content, collect and share best practices, and make the overall program easier for squadrons to implement

6.  NCSA Year of Curriculum
Qualitatively improve NCSA's ability to deliver meaningful career exploration opportunities by refreshing their curricula

7.  Squadron Turn-Around (working title)
Investigate using the BGCA model of providing struggling squadrons with intensive, special support

8.  DCP Conference   (Deferred to 2019)
Via a weekend event, learn together, share best practices, and improve how wings and regions implement the Cadet Program


Stay tuned to the Cadet Blog and the Proving Grounds for information on these initiatives.


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