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Cadet KPIs & Annual Survey


One way CAP tries to improve the Cadet Program is by surveying cadets, parents, adult leaders, and other stakeholders each year. We administer an instrument that is based on the Youth Experiences Survey developed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and used by youth-serving organizations across the nation. The survey asks people to think about how CAP performs in six domains of learning that experts believe are particularly important to an after school, extracurricular program like CAP: 

  • Identity experiences (Who am I?)
  • Initiative experiences (What happens at CAP)
  • Basic skills
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Teamwork and social skills
  • Adult networks and social capital

Additionally, the survey invites people to share feedback about potentially negative experiences at CAP. 

Key Facts: Annual Cadet Survey

Invited Participants:   All cadets age 13 and older*, parents, adult leaders (CC, CD, CP positions), and CAP-USAF are invited to participate via an email. 

Mandate:  The survey is completely voluntary. Nobody is required to participate. Nobody will know who chose to participate and who chose to opt-out.

Confidentiality:  The survey is strictly anonymous.

Period:  The survey is open to respondents from 1-13 December 2020.

Versions:  The same basic survey, based on the YES instrument described above, is administered in three versions: 
(1) cadet version, (2) parents' version, and (3) adult leaders' version.

Content:  The survey, in all three versions, is available for download. This PDF is simply for viewing; the PDF is not a means for completing the survey.

Findings:  We will share a summary of findings here, on this page, by March 2021. 

Point of Contact:
* Federal regulations restrict online services directed at children under age 13.


Links to More Information

When taking the survey, did you see a program mentioned that you'd like to learn more about? Please click the links below to receive more information on those respective topics. 


Program evaluation is not an exercise in "Gotcha!" but an effort to learn what's working and how to serve cadets better.


CAP says it develops young people into aerospace leaders, but is that actually so? 

Because we care about the cadets, we need to evaluate how well the Cadet Program is performing. While performance metrics will be useful as we try to attract donors, their main purpose is to help us learn what’s working and how to serve cadets better. Program evaluation is not an exercise in “Gotcha!” but an effort to improve cadet life. 

Today, we are mostly a compliance-centered culture. Our IGs check adherence to regulations. That’s important work, but a unit could be in full compliance and wholly ineffective at making a difference for cadets or America. 

The National Commander has endorsed the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) linked below. If CP leaders begin paying attention to them, we will naturally do better for the cadets. We will be measuring what’s truly important, and that’s the work most apt to get done. Look for KPIs to become available at least on a semi-annual basis by the end of 2021. 

Primary Resource

CAPVA 60-112 Cadet KPIs


Supporting Resources

Cadet Metrics - White paper offering context for the Cadet KPIs (document was published prior to the KPIs being approved)

CAPVA 60-109 Cadet Program Logic Model



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