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Cadet Programs Training

This page is a database for the supplemental training resources available for adults who work with cadets. Regulations, pamphlets and required/official curriculum can be found in the Cadet Library.

Hover over a resource and a description will appear. When you select a resource, you will be redirected to it. Some resources live in eServices so you must first login in before the system will direct you to the resource.

Framework for Building Resilience

Developmental relationships are the roots of thriving and resilient young people. Through these relationships, young people discover who they are, cultivate abilities to shape their own lives, and learn how to engage with, and contribute to, the world around them. This session includes practical applications on how to to help youth live resilient lives. 

Cadet Wings: Application Preparation

This webinar walks cadets through the application process for Cadet Wings and what documents to have when applying. All interested cadets, parents, and senior members are encouraged to view.  Recorded June 2023. 

How to Lead A Conference Session Based on YDC Concepts

At the Youth Development Conference we discussed a lot of important topics surrounding squadron culture, building resilience, creating a culture of reflection, relationship building, and more. In this session we will take the most important concepts and put them into a 1-hour session that you can deliver at your wing conference, as a stand-alone virtual session, a CPO training, or wherever you choose. Included in the session notes are links to lesson plans and resources.  You do not need have attended YDC to find value in this virtual session; we encourage anyone who might want to help further CPO’s understanding of youth development concepts to view.

Applying Youth Development Concepts to Encampment Culture

This year’s Youth Development Conference focused on creating a framework that helps to build resilience in youth. This virtual session teaches you how to infuse these concepts into encampment culture, including the five-step framework for resilience, reflective practices and building connections with students. You do not need to have attended YDC to gain valuable insight from this virtual session. We encourage all encampment staff and those involved in the planning of an encampment to view. Recorded April 2023.

Progressive Discipline

 CAP uses a system of progressive discipline that is positive, incremental, and seeks both accountability and behavioral change from cadets. This short online module walks you though the process of managing behavior challenges in a way that promotes growth and learning. This module is part of TLC Basic, but you do not need to be enrolled in the course to view the video, but you will be prompted to log into eServices. 

Missions Accomplished, Opportunities Missed

Almost everything a cadet does in uniform is a learning experience that impacts how they understand their worlds and themselves (for better or worse). Participants will apply newly discovered experiential learning strategies as they reimagine cadet activities to support youth as they engage in productive struggle, exercise agency, and grow through guided self-reflection.

Who is Gen Z?

What are the characteristics, motivations, perspectives, and behaviors of teens today, relating to technology, social media and social issues? How can we take what we know about this generation and apply it to Cadet Programs delivery? 

Due to copyrights you will be directed to eServices to view this video.

Intentional Experience and Its Practice

Explore the simple and profound theory of intention as you dive into the practical applications of the Experiential Learning Cycle. Learn how to make the most of every CAP experience through the practice of “Do, Reflect, Apply”. Gain the skills to turn routine activities into robust experiences that naturally foster an atmosphere of personal growth and engagement.

Tour of the Cadet Curriculum

This short video module gives you a tour of important cadet curriculum resources, separated by content areas: Leadership, Aerospace, Character & Fitness.  This module is part of TLC Intermediate, but you do not need to be enrolled in the course to view the video, but you will be prompted to log into eServices. 

Reflection & Resilience

Integrating intentional reflective conversations into every-day cadet activities helps cadets draw connections with the experience they just had – whether that be teaching a class, going on a hike, participating in model rocketry. If we want to be effective in building resilience, reflective conversation needs to become part of CAP culture. Working together to establish these practices as norms in CAP will only help cadets in their personal growth. Recorded May 2022.

Reflective Processing Questions

Leading discussions where cadets can reflect on an experience and draw connections has a profound effect on their growth & development, especially in areas such as resiliency, leadership development, character development, confidence, and even passing an academic test. This document contains over a 100 questions you can use to help lead these reflective debrief-style discussions. Questions are first groups by CAP activity, then by skill development. 

Adventure Activity Planning Checklist

This easy-to-follow checklist will help you to know what processes and paperwork are required for Challenge and High Adventure Activities. 

Pathways to a Private Pilot's License

There are various pathways for cadets to earn their private pilots license, from full flight scholarships to discounted training with CAP pilots. This short video explains it all!

ENC Commanders Webinar

Come get the latest information about this summer's encampment season, including a summer 2022 recap, COVID protocols, 2023 updates, visitor program, USAF support, scheduling, cadets with Special needs, and the Encampment guide. 

ENC Commandants of Cadets Webinar

The Commandant of Cadets is the role that directly supports the learning goals of the Cadet Encampment Program and has the biggest impact on the cadets at the activity. Hear from the experts on best practices for making encampment a positive, life-changing experience for students and cadre. 

ENC Training Officers: Supporting Cadet Success

Join experts from across the country in discussing tips and tricks for seniors serving as training officers at encampments. Recorded May 2023.

Encampment Safety & Office Hours - 2023

CAP encampments are designed to be positive, adventurous, challenging, and most importantly, safe.  Hear from CAP's Chief of Safety about the encampment safety focus areas, activity safety resources, and risk management as we plan for Summer 2023.  

2022 Encampment ARR Webinar

Review of the lessons learned from Summer 2022 encampment season.

2023 Annual Cadet Survey Results

Curt LaFond reviews the results of the Annual Survey sent out to cadets, parents and CP officers. 

Leadership Through the Eyes of Choice Theory

Utilize William Glasser’s Choice Theory in the context of creating a positive youth development environment. Understand the basic components and how to apply a lead management style to influence the environment of our local units, to ultimately create an ideal atmosphere to foster intrinsic motivation and positive development.

Cadet Grade & Advancement

This step-by-step video walks you though the Super Chart and the requirements for cadets to advance in grade. This module is part of TLC Basic, but you do not need to be enrolled in the course to view the view, but you will be prompted to log into eServices. 

What is Green Lighting for an NCSA, and Why Do We Do It?

This Blog article explains all there is to know about Greenlighting. “Green lights” are a way for the wing to communicate to the NCSA team that this applicant is a highly qualified cadet. It’s a colloquial term that has been coined as a result of the ink color and labeling in  eServices. When a cadet receives a “green light” for an NCSA, that means their wing has marked them in the system as Highly Recommended for that specific activity, raising the cadet’s chances of getting the activity of their choice. 

Allowing Greater Participation Flexibility

Cadets sometimes will need to prioritize another activity over CAP, and that’s ok, but we want to instill a desire in them that will draw them back to CAP once that commitment is fulfilled. This PDF give you tips and tricks on how to successfully do that. 

Cadet Great Start

This short video is an intro to cadet Great Start. Cadet Great Start is a comprehensive introduction to CAP for new cadets. It transforms a cohort of ordinary youth into cadet airmen in 5 short weeks, while giving cadet NCOs and officers opportunities to apply their leadership skills. This module is part of TLC Basic, but you do not need to be enrolled in the course to view the video, but you will be prompted to log into eServices. Recorded 2019.

BGCA Partnership & How it Can Help You

Connect with the Boys & Girls Club of America representative and get started on accessing all the wonderful resources that BGCA has to offer. 
Meet the BGCA liaison and learn how to register for Take a guided tour of the specific opportunities available to those associated with the BGCA Military Youth Affiliated Programs, discover where to find BGCA grants open to CAP and other opportunities that are available to CAP members. 

How to Sign Up for Young Eagles

CAP is partners with EAA, the Experimental Aircraft Association. When cadets complete their first CAP orientation flight, EAA considers them one of their “Young Eagles.” A cadet's status as a “Young Eagle” comes with zero obligations, but some great benefits. This step-by-step video explains how to sign up. 

2022 Youth Development Conference Recordings

This 2022 conference focused on leveraging the Experiential Learning Cycle and Choice Theory strategies to help leaders think intentionally about program development and explore how the simple habit of reflection can significantly impact youth development, elevating cadets' experiences from fun and memorable to meaningful, substantial moments of growth.

General Raymond Johns, retired Air Mobility Commander and current o-flight pilot with the Hawaii Wing, kicked off the conference with a challenge to meet people where they are and focus on their dreams not our own. Saturday Adam Russell, former Senior Program Director of the American Youth Foundation, introduced the experiential learning mantra of “Do. Reflect. Apply.” to help leaders create experiences that foster personal growth, and Jon Blumenfield, a former cadet and current youth development consultant at Ask Them, LLC, helped the group see opportunities for development by reflecting on past missed opportunities and reimagining the delivery of current cadet activities. These speakers were just three of the eleven dynamic presenters brought in to encourage and further the professional development of cadet programs adult leaders.

2023 Youth Development Conference Resources

The 2023 CAP Youth Development Conference's theme was Strengthening Cadets. In order for cadets to be successful in life they need to have skills to manage challenging situations. The ability to deal with change, uncertainty and stress is a key predictor of success. 

The conference focused on the practical steps of how to build resilience in youth.  CAP’ Cadet Program is well-positioned already to help cadets build skills such as competence, character, and confidence. During the conference, participants engaged in dynamic, interactive sessions that will challenged them to take a fresh look at how we help cadets build connections, engage with failure and expand their possibilities. The resources page include many materials and recordings to help you bring this material to your wing. 

Webinar Archive

The most current Webinars are available on this Cadet Programs Training webpage. Follow this link for the archive of past webinars. 

TLC - Full Curriculum

Training Leaders of Cadets is the premiere venue for Cadet Programs Officers to learn how to become better mentors of cadets and more effective managers of cadet squadrons. The course is delivered by each wing, and training materials can be accessed here. 

CPP Classroom Training materials

The Cadet Protection Policy (CPP) expresses CAP's commitment to keep cadets safe from the risk of abuse. While most people will take this course online though AXIS, this link will take you to the training materials to host an in-person class. 

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