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Cadet Programs Training

Missions Accomplished, Opportunities Missed

Almost everything a cadet does in uniform is a learning experience that impacts how they understand their worlds and themselves (for better or worse). Participants will apply newly discovered experiential learning strategies as they reimagine cadet activities to support youth as they engage in productive struggle, exercise agency, and grow through guided self-reflection.

Intentional Experience and Its Practice

Explore the simple and profound theory of intention as you dive into the practical applications of the Experiential Learning Cycle. Learn how to make the most of every CAP experience through the practice of “Do, Reflect, Apply”. Gain the skills to turn routine activities into robust experiences that naturally foster an atmosphere of personal growth and engagement.

Allowing Greater Participation Flexibility

Cadets sometimes will need to prioritize another activity over CAP, and that’s ok, but we want to instill a desire in them that will draw them back to CAP once that commitment is fulfilled.

What is Green Lighting for an NCSA, and Why Do We Do It?

“Green lights” are a way for the wing to communicate to the NCSA team that this applicant is a highly qualified cadet. It’s a colloquial term that has been coined as a result of the ink color and labeling in  eServices. When a cadet receives a “green light” for an NCSA, that means their wing has marked them in the system as Highly Recommended for that specific activity, raising the cadet’s chances of getting the activity of their choice. 

2022 Annual Cadet Survey Results

Curt LaFond reviews the results of the Annual Survey sent out to cadets, parents and CP officers. In 2022 the survey focused on customer satisfaction and internal processes. 

Who is Gen Z?

What are the characteristics, motivations, perspectives, and behaviors of teens today, relating to technology, social media and social issues? How can we take what we know about this generation and apply it to Cadet Programs delivery? 

Due to copyrights you will be directed to eServices to view this video.

Leadership Through the Eyes of Choice Theory

Utilize William Glasser’s Choice Theory in the context of creating a positive youth development environment. Understand the basic components and how to apply a lead management style to influence the environment of our local units, to ultimately create an ideal atmosphere to foster intrinsic motivation and positive development.

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