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Cadet Programs Training

This page is a database for the supplemental training resources available for adults who work with cadets. Regulations, pamphlets and required/official curriculum can be found in the Cadet Library.

Hover over a resource and a description will appear. When you select a resource, you will be redirected to it. Some resources live in eServices so you must first login in before the system will direct you to the resource.

Applying Youth Development Concepts to Encampment Culture

This year’s Youth Development Conference focused on creating a framework that helps to build resilience in youth. This virtual session teaches you how to infuse these concepts into encampment culture, including the five-step framework for resilience, reflective practices and building connections with students. You do not need to have attended YDC to gain valuable insight from this virtual session. We encourage all encampment staff and those involved in the planning of an encampment to view. Recorded April 2023.

Reflection & Resilience

Integrating intentional reflective conversations into every-day cadet activities helps cadets draw connections with the experience they just had – whether that be teaching a class, going on a hike, participating in model rocketry. If we want to be effective in building resilience, reflective conversation needs to become part of CAP culture. Working together to establish these practices as norms in CAP will only help cadets in their personal growth. Recorded May 2022.

Reflective Processing Questions

Leading discussions where cadets can reflect on an experience and draw connections has a profound effect on their growth & development, especially in areas such as resiliency, leadership development, character development, confidence, and even passing an academic test. This document contains over a 100 questions you can use to help lead these reflective debrief-style discussions. Questions are first groups by CAP activity, then by skill development. 

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