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Cadet Promotions Application

Cadet progression is tracked in eServices in the Accomplishments module of the Personal Levels application.


  • Allows local leaders to track cadets’ test scores, character forums, CPFT completion, promotion dates, and more electronically.  

  • If a cadet transfers squadrons, their records go with them automatically – no more coordination issues for the two commanders. 

  • Automatic error trapping ensures cadets meet all requirements before being promoted. 

  • Milestone awards are validated instantly, allowing commanders to pin-on cadets’ new grade insignia without waiting for NHQ action. 

  • Tracks leadership counseling (CAPF 60-90 series forms) when a cadet is denied promotion. 

  • Cadets are automatically alerted via email when their promotion is approved or denied. 

  • Gives cadets visibility into their own record at any time, thereby helping ensure the record is accurate. 

  • Helps local leaders stay on top of cadet progression by generating reports listing who is promoting quickly and who is lagging behind. 

  • Gives high-level leaders (wing, national) visibility into how cadets are progressing in their echelon or in a particular squadron. 


Cadet Accomplishments Visual Guide

Cadet Promotions Training Guide


Are certain people in my squadron already authorized to use the system?  
Yes. Commanders and deputy commanders for cadets will find they already have permission to input cadets’ data and approve promotions. Commanders grant or remove permissions as they see fit, in coordination with the Web Security Administrator. 
Does this mean the commander is no longer the final authority in cadet promotion matters? 
Not at all. But a commander may allow any senior member in their unit to electronically approve promotions on their behalf. 
Our squadron completes a CAPF 60-90 or holds a board before promoting cadets. Can we still do that?  
Yes. The commander (or designee) approves the cadet’s promotion once they have determined the cadet is deserving. If the cadet is to be retained in grade, the system will help local leaders track the CAPF 60-90 and re-evaluation process required by CAPR 60-1. 

If the software processes milestone awards automatically, does NHQ still mail us an award certificate?  
Yes.  (Except the Wright Brothers remains a locally-printed certificate.)   

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