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Cadet Protection Training

The Cadet Protection Policy (CPP) expresses CAP's commitment to keep cadets safe from the risk of abuse. However, merely having a policy is not sufficient. People need training, too. Welcome to the home page for CPP training materials.


Upcoming Updates

Adult to Cadet Ratios

CAPR 60-2 ICL 

Routine 1-day activities, overnight activities and case-specific high adventure activities will now have adult-to-cadet ratio requirements, in addition to the two deep requirement.  For more information and specific implementation details & training, visit the Supervisory Ratios webpage.


Membership Interviews

Post summer - dates TBA

When new members want to join they will be required to go through an interview process to see if they are a good match for the cadet program. Interviews will be conducted at the local level by the Membership Review Board. Specific guidance to come. 


Third Parties at Cadet Activities

Post summer - dates TBA

When non-CAP adults interact with cadets, specific guideline must be met. Guidelines are grouped by the following categories: Guest Speakers/Visitors, Service Providers Lodged in the Cadet Area, and Outside Activities hosting CAP Cadets. Specific guidance to come. 


Annual Training Refresh

Post summer - dates TBA

Cadet Protection Training will move from a 48 month renewal to a 12 month annual renewal. This will not coincide with membership renewal. Renewal will be 12 months from the date of your last course. 



Quick Links to Course Materials

Cadet Protection
Basic Course

Cadet Protection 
Advanced Course

Cadet Wingman

Cadet Wings
Always Vigilant


Online Course via LMS

Summary Conversation 

Course Materials
(for reference)
 - Lesson Plan
- Classroom Slides  12mb
- Student Summary Handout
- Case Studies
- Quiz

Online Course via
Learning Management System

Course Materials
(for reference)
 - Slides  24mb


Lesson Plan

Classroom Slides
(without video)

Cadet Life in the Civil Air Patrol video 42mb

Batman Begins, The Final Test video

Wingman Poster  44mb

Classroom Slides

CAPR 60-2
Cadet Protection Program  

CAPP 60-15
CPP Implementation Guide

Parents' Guide to the
CAP Cadet Program

CPP Poster 24mb

First Talk Guide


CPP Course Descriptions & Help

Cadet Protection Basic Course 

Format:   Online in AXIS for new members; Online in LMS for cadets 18+

Duration:  20-30 minutes

  • Training for adult volunteers on how to interact with cadets safely and reduce the risk of abuse.  

  • For all senior members, cadet sponsor members and cadets aged 18+

  • Offered online in Learning Management System for Cadets aged 18+

  • Completed by newcomer seniors as part of Level I.

  • Course completion requires a summary conversation signed off by one of the following: Commander, Deputy Commander, Deputy Commander for Cadets, Deputy Commander for Seniors, Director of Cadet Programs, Director of Personnel, Director of Professional Development, Personnel Officer, Professional Development Officer & Vice Commander

  • Members obligated to complete this course must refresh their training every 48 months.

Cadet Protection Advanced Course 

Format:  Online only

Duration:  20-30 minutes

  • Training for adults entrusted with leadership responsibilities in the Cadet Program.

  • Members must complete Cadet Protection Advanced Course before being assigned to the following positions: commanders, deputy commanders, vice commander (group or higher), chief of staff (wing or higher), director of cadet programs (group or higher), and inspector general. Further, encampment commanders, commandants of cadets, and NCSA directors and deputies are also required to complete the course. 

  • Offered online through LMS

  • Prerequisite: Cadet Protection Basic Course.  Taking the advanced course is credited as refreshing your training.

Cadet Wingman Course 

Format:   Classroom, with a group of cadets or individually

Instructor:  Local decision; team-teaching with a chaplain or CDI and the safety officer is an option.

Cadet Staff:   Even if only a handful of cadets need this course, a couple existing cadets (i.e.: NCOs) should participate as role models, and to make the class activities more meaningful.

Duration:  40-60 minutes

  • This course combines four main topics that at first glance might not appear to fit together: Core Values, the wingman concept, safety, and cadet protection. The wingman concept is what connects the topics and provides the lesson’s central theme, which is to use a wingman to aim for excellence, stay safe, and have fun.

  • Fulfills the character development requirement for Achievement 1 - Curry and promotion to C/Amn.

Always Vigilant – Cadet Wings Training

Format:   Virtual synchronous class of 15 students or less

Instructor:  Led by a Prevention Educator from NOVA

Duration:  90 minutes

  • Cadets enrolled in the Cadet Wings program spend a lot of one-on-one time with a flight instructor. This necessary situation creates a higher risk for the cadet. To mitigate this, Cadet Wings students are required to take additional training in identifying and responding to negative behavior, especially in a relationship with a power imbalance. The course includes topics such as personal boundaries, power dynamics, assertive communication and how to get help.  

  • This course was designed in conjunction with NOVA specifically for cadets enrolled the Cadet Wings program. 

First Talk Guide 

Format:  In-person interview 

Interviewing Officer(s):   Ideally the full unit membership board participates in the interview, but if necessary, a single senior member designated by the commander may conduct the interview alone.

Duration:  10 minutes 

  • A personal interview provides CAP with an opportunity to meet applicants, determine if they are a good fit for our organization, and ask questions to screen for child sexual abuse risk factors.

  • The First Talk Guide provides a framework for an interview between the Unit Membership Board and adults requesting to join the unit as senior members or cadet sponsor members.

  • Interviews will be conducted using only the questions listed in the First Talk Guide.

CAPP 60-15, Cadet Protection Implementation Guide  

Part I provides troubleshooting practices on how to choose the best course of action when strict, perfect compliance with the regulation is not possible. This guide is a collection of authorized remedies for when local leaders experience unforeseen challenges relating to the two-deep leadership policy, with practical tips on how to fulfill the CPP goal.

Part II describes the advantages of the Cadet Program's military-style training, defines training intensity levels, and suggest best practices for commanders and Cadet Programs leaders to implement the military-style training model in a wholesome, age-appropriate manner.

Policy & Compliance Help

For help with cadet protection policy matters, contact

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