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Implementation date 01 June 2024

The Interim Change Letter (ICL) for the CAPR 60-2 is in final approvals. With the summer season coming soon, these resources are being made available to aid in planning and preparation. Once the ICL is live, it will be available in the link to the right. 

What are Supervisory Ratios?

Supervisory Ratios refer to the required number of adult leaders needed to effectively supervise a group of cadets. It's a fundamental element in youth-service organizations to foster environments where young people can thrive, learn, and grow with confidence. 

Why is it Important?

Ensuring appropriate supervisory ratios is not just about compliance with industry standards; it's about prioritizing the safety and development of every cadet. By maintaining proper ratios, we can:

  • Enhance Safety: Quick responses to emergencies and proactive accident prevention.

  • Improve Supervision: Foster positive behaviors and meaningful engagement.

  • Support Development: Provide personalized attention and nurture individual growth.

Join the Training!

Ready to take your commitment to youth safety and support to the next level? We invite you to participate in our Supervisory Ratios training, available in AXIS. This training equips you with the knowledge and skills to carry out the new ratio standards. 
Search the Course Catalog for: Supervisory Ratios - A Cadet Protection Update.

How Did we Decide This?

In March of 2023 CAP contracted Praesidium, Inc. to conduct a comprehensive systems review of our Cadet Protection policies, procedures and training.

Praesidium is an expert in helping youth development organizations with abuse prevention. Their evaluation of our methods was comprehensive and included an extensive review of our policies, regulations, pamphlets, and training materials from across the organization. Additionally, their analysts conducted interviews with key stakeholders from across the organization, including volunteers at varying levels, employees, Board of Governors and CAP-USAF.

The recommendations from Praesidium came to us in an extensive report and analysis. The recommendations were then reviewed by the Cadet Protection Task Force, comprised of key stakeholders within the organization, including volunteers and employees from Cadet Programs, Membership, Safety, the Command Team, the Board of Governors, and CAP-USAF. Each recommendation was evaluated and thoroughly discussed by the task force and an implementation strategy was determined. The first item to go into effect is Cadet-to-Adult Leader Ratios. 






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