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DCP Chats

The National Cadet Team hosts a live meeting for Wing and Region Directors of Cadet Programs once a month to share information, get input from the field and answer questions.

Second Friday every month

 12 - 12:45 pm Central


8 Oct 2021



DCP Chat & Check In- 1 May, Encampment & RCLS waiver plan, QCUA adjustments

DCP Chat & Check In, 15 May, COVID-19 Remobilization, Squadron of Merit, Proving Grounds

DCP Chat & Check In, 5 June, National Conference, ACA Guidance, Spaatz exams

DCP Chat & Check In, 26 June, Proving Grounds, Activities in COVID era, Cadets & Social Media

DCP Chat & Check In, 11 September 2020

DCP Chat & Check In, 9 October 2020

DCP Chat & Check In, 11 December 2020

DCP Chat & Check In, 12 February 2021

DCP Chat & Check In, 12 March 2021, Wing DCP Guide, QCUA, Calendar Updates

DCP Chat & Check In, 9 April 2021, QCUA, Spaatz Testing Reminders, Uniform Phase-outs

DCP Chat & Check In, 14 May 2021, Cadet Interactive, COVID Guidance, Encampment Guidance, JROTC and Flying, New Regulations

DCP Chat & Check In, 11 June 2021, Minor QCUA Adjustment, Residential Wings Update, USAF Encampment Support, COVID Updates, CPP Brush-up, Cadet Survey

DCP Chat & Check In, 9 July 2021, Spaatz Testing, Encampment Best Practices, Aviation Updates, TLC Updates, NCSAs for Next Year, National Conference​

DCP Chat & Check In, 10 Sept 2021, QCUA, RCLS/CHA Funding, NCAC Updates, TLC Updates, Cadet Interactive, Regulations in Preview and Waiver Updates

DCP Chat & Check In, 8 Oct 2021, Encampment, Summer CEAP Recap, NCC/IACE/Winter Activities Applications, Become a Ray Navigator, Support/TLC/Aviation Updates

DCP Chat & Check In, 12 Nov 2021, Priorities for 2021-22, Cadet Interactive, Boys & Girls Club, TLC, YDC, CadetInvest, Cadet Wings, CEAP, Mailings

Reminder emails with with links to join are sent to DCPs the Wednesday before.  Questions? 

Last update: 15 Nov 2021

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