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DCP Chats

The National Cadet Team hosts a live meeting for Wing and Region Directors of Cadet Programs once a month to share information, get input from the field and answer questions.

Second Friday every month

 12 - 12:45 pm Central


 14 June 2024



DCP Chat & Check In- 1 May 2020, Encampment & RCLS waiver plan, QCUA adjustments

DCP Chat & Check In, 15 May 2020, COVID-19 Remobilization, Squadron of Merit, Proving Grounds

DCP Chat & Check In, 5 June 2020, National Conference, ACA Guidance, Spaatz exams

DCP Chat & Check In, 26 June 2020, Proving Grounds, Activities in COVID era, Cadets & Social Media

DCP Chat & Check In, 11 September 2020

DCP Chat & Check In, 9 October 2020

DCP Chat & Check In, 11 December 2020

DCP Chat & Check In, 12 February 2021

DCP Chat & Check In, 12 March 2021, Wing DCP Guide, QCUA, Calendar Updates

DCP Chat & Check In, 9 April 2021, QCUA, Spaatz Testing Reminders, Uniform Phase-outs

DCP Chat & Check In, 14 May 2021, Cadet Interactive, COVID Guidance, Encampment Guidance, JROTC and Flying, New Regulations

DCP Chat & Check In, 11 June 2021, Minor QCUA Adjustment, Residential Wings Update, USAF Encampment Support, COVID Updates, CPP Brush-up, Cadet Survey

DCP Chat & Check In, 9 July 2021, Spaatz Testing, Encampment Best Practices, Aviation Updates, TLC Updates, NCSAs for Next Year, National Conference​

DCP Chat & Check In, 10 Sept 2021, QCUA, RCLS/CHA Funding, NCAC Updates, TLC Updates, Cadet Interactive, Regulations in Preview and Waiver Updates

DCP Chat & Check In, 8 Oct 2021, Encampment, Summer CEAP Recap, NCC/IACE/Winter Activities Applications, Become a Ray Navigator, Support/TLC/Aviation Updates

DCP Chat & Check In, 12 Nov 2021, Priorities for 2021-22, Cadet Interactive, Boys & Girls Club, TLC, YDC, CadetInvest, Cadet Wings, CEAP, Mailings

DCP Chat & Check In, 10 Dec 2021, Annual Cadet Survey, Activities - NCSAs, NFAs and IACE, CadetInvest Updates, YDC, Cadet Interactive, CEAP Per Diem/Lodging, Personal Cadet Tracker

DCP Chat & Check In, 11 Feb 2022, National Conference, FEMA YDC Webinar, Activities - NCSA Slotting and External Activities, Spanish Webiste, eServices Updates, QCUA Cyber Credit, Request for input on Cadet Kit and Curry Uniform Programs, Discussion Topic: Flexible Participation

Winter Command Council Slides, Feb 2022

DCP Chat & Check In, 11 Mar 2022, YDC Resources, BGCA, Awards, CadetInvest Updates, Discussion Topic: Green Lights

DCP Chat & Check In, 08 Apr 2022, Curry Voucher Expiration Reminder, NCC & Openins for Summer NCSAs, CadetInvest Updates, Encampment Lodging and Webinars, Hiring NCT Volunteer Staff, Discussion Topic: CAP Influences - Diversity & Inclusion

DCP Chat & Check In, 13 May 2022, COVID CAPR 60-1 Waiver, USAF Enc Support, Enc Handbooks, Parent Guide Changes, QCUA Update, TLC Update, NCSA Openings, Discussion Topic: How to be successful in your Wing/Region Commander relationship

DCP Chat & Check In, 10 June 2022, CAC Appointment Timeline, National Conference, COVID Waiver Updates, Vanguard Backorders, Cadet Wings In-Residence, CDC Summer Camp Guidance, Cancelled NCSAs, NFA Focus Group, Winter NCSAs, CSA/NFA Accreditation, NCC Updates. Discussion Topic: CP's new role in resolving complaints about cadet misconduct 

DCP Chat & Check In, 09 Sept 2022, Summer 22 Lessons Learned, USAFA Presentations, Great Start Update, Gen Z Upcoming Session, DCP Dev Coord Position, YDC, Cadet Wings Updates, CadetInvest Launch, Curry Uniform Program and QCUA, and Field Testers Neededfor RCLS/NCOA/Essay Rubric. Discussion Topic: CAC Timeline Proposal from the NCAC (1 Aug - 31 July)

DCP Chat & Check In, 14 Oct 2022, Great Start Update & Beta Test, What's Happening Page, CadetWings Office Hours, NCSA/CSA/NFA Apps, CSA/NFA Accreditation Packages. Discussion Topic: Responding to CPP boundary violations

DCP Chat & Check In, 22 Nov 2022, Great Start and Cadet Audio Update, DCP Coordinator Announcement, YDC, Adult Ed Survey, New Financial Assistance Trifold,  CadetWings Alumni Panel, CadetInvest Office Hours, eServices Updates. Discussion Topic: 60-80 and 60-81 Cadet Forms Adjustments

DCP Chat & Check In, 09 Dec 2022, Great Start and Cadet Audio Update, YDC, CadetWings Alumni Panel, CadetInvest Office Hours, eServices HFZ Updates, NCSA Application and Information. Discussion Topic: CEAP 2023 Proposal

DCP Chat & Check In, 10 Feb 2023, CAPR 39-2 Update, Enc Webinar Series, DCP Slack, YDC Reimbursements, TLC Advanced, CadetInvest Application Timeline Shift, eServices upgrades for DCPs, Update on National Days to Curry, NCSA Slotting, AIM Wings, NCC Staff 

DCP Chat & Check In, 10 Mar 2023, eServices Cadet Program Updates, CAC Calendar, Enc Visitor Program, Cadet Forms, NCSA Slotting Delay, Universal Registration, Food Service Possibilities, CampDoc, RDI Funding Opportunities, CadetInvest timeline shift for FY24. Discussion Topic: Cadet self-medication

DCP Chat & Check In, 14 Apr 2023, CAPR 60-1 updates, Cadet Protection Praesidium external review, eServices CP updates, YDC Extension series, Cadet Audio, Enc Webinars, Enc Visitors, Universal Registration and Electronic Health Records IT Project Update, Cadet Wings application date update. Discussion Topic: Progressive Discipline

DCP Chat & Check In, 12 May 2023, Encampment Visitor Program, CEAP Round 1 Update, Encampment Handbooks, YDC Extension Series, What's Happening Sign-up, Pubs Updates, Cadet Audio Podcasts, Enc Webinars, RST Page Refresh, June NCSAs, Lift/TOP Funding and Travel Update, Cadet Wings Time Frame Update and How to Prepare. Discussion Topic: Utilizing the Newer Cadet Support Staff Positions

DCP Chat & Check In, 09 Jun 2023, New Supplemental Training Repository Tour, CEAP Round 2 Update, eServices Updates (Move to Approvals, Bulk Test Entry, etc.), Encampment Updates, Slotting Alternates, LIFT/TOP bookings, IT Project Updates

DCP Chat & Check In, 14 Jul 2023, QCUA Update, eServices Updates for the CP Specialty Track, Encampment Update, YDC Save the Date, Cadet Wings Applications Open. Discussion Topic: Progressive Discipline, Have you seen it implemented successfully? Have you seen it misapplied or faced tough hurdles?

DCP Chat & Check In, 08 Sept 2023, CPP Task Force (Praesidium), YDC-E Announcement, QCUA Update, Cadet Packet Program Changes, Encampment Survey, Encampment Task Force, CSA & NFA Nominations for Accreditation. Discussion Topic: If you had one (but only one) improvement you could make to the encampment program, what would it be?

DCP Chat & Check In, 13 Oct 2023, Cadet Protection, YDC Save the Date, UCAN & Aircrew Careers Weekend Update, Activity Registration and Health Info Project Update, CAPF 60-84 Cadet of the Year Application Update, Sumemr 23 Encampment Wrap-up, Cadets at School, Cadet Wings Application Data, CadetInvest Office Hours. Discussion Topic: What's the best way to strengthen our cadet wingman program? 

DCP Chat & Check In, 17 Nov 2023, Personnel changes, UCAN Update, Registration Zone, Electronic Health Record, 101 Card Cadet Protection Update, Fall Mailing, Encampment Action Plan Overview, YDC Reminder, CadetWings FY24 Enrollment Status, CadetInvest and NCSA Update. Discussion Topic: The future of the CAPF 60-81 

DCP Chat & Check In, 08 Dec 2023, CadetWings FY24 Enrollment Update, New Employee Introduction, NCSAs Applications & LIFT/TOP, UCAN Update and Aircrew Careers Week (ACW), New Cadet Great Start, YDC Update, Reg Zone and Electronic Health Record Updates. Discussion Topic: Aerospace Content Order in the Cadet Curriculum 

DCP Chat & Check In, 09 Feb 2024, Hiring for CPP and Encampment, AAR FY23 Highlights, NCSA Slotting, Cadet Competition Program, Winter Lift/Top, Aircrew Careers Week at Beale – AAR Highlights, New Nationally Hosted Virtual TLC-B & TLC-I, Reg Zone and CAP Health Update, CEAP Launch, Curry Prices Increases. Discussion Topic: Test Security – What is cheating? Is the Cadet Program too heavy on academics and trivia? Do increases in technology give us reason to think about moving to an experiential program?

DCP Chat & Check In, 08 Mar 2024, Hiring status, Cadet Protection updates, NCSA timeline; Important dates coming up for Scholarships & Lift/TOP, Highlights from ACW at MacDill AFB, Cadet Adventure iFly, Registration Zone update, CEAP timeline, Common CP Data Entry errors. Discussion Topic: What are the challenges and site-specific scenarios that we may not be thinking about regarding the upcoming policies surrounding Cadet Protection ratios and 3rd party interactions?

DCP Chat & Check In, 12 Apr 2024, Cadet Protection ICL, NCSA Timeline Update, Scholarship Finalist, Lift/Top Travel, Celebrating 300 graduates, FY25 Application Preparation, UCAN Wrap-up, New Squadron Expansion, Encampment kickoff  & Encampment webinars, CPP Webinars, YDC-Extension, Registration Zone update, CEAP lodging reminder, Spaatz Data Entry Update. Discussion Topic: Region and Wing Conferences – Let’s share best practices and learn from each other about the role of DCP in conference planning, cadet programming ideas, marketing for cadets and cadet attendance trends.

DCP Chat & Check In, 10 May 2024, Cadet Protection ICL, Cadet Annual Survey Results, Mandatory Reporting Requirements Refresher, NCSA List, Lift/TOP Travel, Squadron Expansion, CAP Health, Reg Zone, Enc Handbooks, NCAC Senior Advisor Positions, RCC Integration with Specialty Track, Encampment Updates, Cadet Adventure. Demonstration: Absorb LMS for Cadets.

Reminder emails with with links to join are sent to DCPs no later than the Thursday before.  Questions? 

Last update: 20 May 2024

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