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Aerospace Lesson Plans

4. Aerospace


  1. Complete a hands-on activity that illustrates a basic concept in aerospace

  2. Follow instructions and cooperate with teammates to complete a simple hands-on project

  3. Participate in a pre-flight briefing or aircraft inspection

  4. Value the experience of flight (for additional objectives, see orientation flight syllabus)


4.1 Survival on the Moon

Aerospace themed problem-solving and communication activity

Cadet Handout


4.2 STEM Kit

What are some fun ways cadets learn about aerospace? Cadets do a STEM Kit or other hands-on aerospace activity.


4.3 Preflight Activity- Coming Soon!

Learn about the airport, flying, and safety


4.4 Orientation Flight

Participate in an orientation flight

CAPP 60-40, Cadet Orientation Flight Program Guide


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Last update: 9/26/22

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