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Cadet Skills Lesson Plans

2. Cadet Skills

Block Objectives

  1. Understand how to be and how to use a wingman

  2. Gain familiarity with the New Cadet Guide as a resource

  3. Understand the importance of goal setting

  4. Use SMART principles to establish short term goals

  5. Navigate eServices, AXIS, and Cadet Interactive modules

  6. Discuss the four basic steps in the safety process

  7. Demonstrate how to use a magnetic compass


2.1 Cadet Wingman Course

Key Question: How can cadets aim for excellence, stay safe, and have fun in CAP?


2.2 Cadet Welcome Course

Key Question: What information is in the New Cadet Guide?


2.3 Goal Setting

Key Question: How can I make and reach appropriate goals in life?

Goal Setting Worksheet


2.4 Introduction to eServices- Video coming October 2022

Key Question: How can I find what I need on CAP’s internal website?

Cadet Interactive Visual Guide


2.5 Field Safety

Key Question: How can we be safe while training in the field?


2.6 Compass Course

Activity using magnetic compasses


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Last update: 9/26/22

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