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Fitness Lesson Plans

5. Fitness


  1. Describe the importance of, and commit to, exercising regularly

  2. Explain the five facets of the Active Cadet Fitness Program

  3. Demonstrate how to perform each event in the CPFT

  4. Participate in a fitness activity while displaying a positive, team-orientated attitude

  5. Take the CPFT to set fitness baseline


5.1 Introduction to Fitness

Key Question: Why is fitness important and how can cadets develop a lifelong habit of regular activity?


5.2 CPFT Practice

Cadets learn each of the CPFT exercises and practice the skills to complete them


5.3 Fitness Activity

Fun fitness activity


5.4 CPFT

Take the fitness assessment to understand fitness baseline

CAPP 60-50


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Last update: 9/26/22

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