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Leadership Lesson Plans

3. Leadership

Block Objectives              

  1. Define the concept of “leadership” and describe related concepts such as “discipline,” “teamwork,” “attitude,” and “military bearing”

  2. Explain why learning to follow is the first step in becoming a leader

  3. Explain the purpose of drill and perform basic drill movements proficiently

  4. Describe the concept of a “chain of command” and identify grade insignia

  5. Describe the purpose of, and practice, basic military customs and courtesies

  6. Describe the purpose of the uniform in CAP; identify basic standards governing the wear of the uniform

  7. Summarize how cadets complete achievements in CAP

  8. Describe expected positive cadet behaviors and possible responses to misconduct

  9. Participate in a 360° feedback session

  10. Complete the Curry leadership assessment


3.1 Followership

Key Question: What are the foundations of leadership?


3.2 Team Leadership Problems

Teambuilding activities emphasizing active listening and followership


3.3 Drill & Ceremonies

Cadets gain proficiency in performing basic drill movements


3.4 The Chain of Command

Key Question: What’s a chain of command and how does it work in CAP?


3.5 Customs & Courtesies

Key Question: How do cadets demonstrate respect for leaders and subordinates?


3.6 The Cadet Uniform

Key Question: Why and how do cadets wear the uniform?


3.7 Grade Insignia

Key Question: How can you identify a cadet’s rank?


3.8 Cadet Progression

Key Question: How do cadets rank up in CAP?


3.9 Cadet Expectations- Cadet Expectations to be included in forthcoming edition of New Cadet Guide

Key Question: How do cadets behave and what interventions can they expect from misconduct?


3.10 Jeopardy Curry Review- Playable Jeopardy Review coming October 2022

Review Leadership Chapter 1


3.11 Leadership Assessment

Complete leadership chapter 1 assessment task


3.12 Feedback Meeting

Key Question: How do cadets and leaders evaluate and discuss individual performance?

CAPF 60-91


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