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Open House Lesson Plans

1. Orientation: Welcome to the Civil Air Patrol.  

Goal: Motivate young people to become CAP cadets

Block Objectives

  1. Identify and briefly describe the three missions of the Civil Air Patrol
  2. Identify and respond positively to the opportunities available to young people through the CAP Cadet Program
  3. Identify CAP as a non-profit, volunteer auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force
  4. Identify requirements for cadet membership, to include the application process, dues and fees, meeting schedules, wear of the uniform, and related topics
  5. Explain the purpose of Great Start
  6. Value CAP as an extra-curricular activity and apply for membership
  7. Describe and respond positively to basic CAP policies regarding membership and cadet protection (parents)


1.1 Exciting Opportunities

Key Question: What is CAP and what opportunities are available to members?


1.2 Cadet Membership

Key Question: What are the eligibility requirements, costs and time commitments involved in joining CAP?


1.3 Teambuilding: Mine Field

Fun icebreaker activity for cadets to interact and demonstrate the importance of communication


1.4 Parent’s Introduction

Key Question: What policies are in place to keep cadets safe and communicate with families?


1.5 Great Start Overview

Key Question: What does new cadet orientation look like?


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Last update: 9/26/22


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