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Wrapping Up

VII. Wrapping Up


To motivate cadets to excel, the course director may want to present awards to outstanding cadets. Some possible awards are listed below. The type and number of awards presented should be determined locally, depending on the number of students and cadet cadre participating in the course.

End-of-Course Critique

The course director should have students and staff complete an end-of-course critique. The course director and his or her top assistants should review the critiques to learn how to improve the course for next time.

Curriculum Suggestions

Course directors are encouraged to send their comments and suggestions about the Great Start program to their Wing Director of Cadet Programs and/or National Headquarters.

Curry Uniform Vouchers

Within 5 days of officially completing Achievement 1, cadets receive an email from Vanguard containing their uniform voucher information.  Vouchers take the form of a credit at our uniform partner, Vanguard.  After 1 October 2022 voucher amounts are determined based on the family's financial need as declared in the membership application and vary between $75 and $175. Curry Uniform Vouchers expire 45 days after issuance.  Vouchers are not renewable and are not transferrable. See for more information. 


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