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Curry Motivation Project

Posted on 05/11/2020 at 10:55 PM by Curt LaFond



How many Cadet Airman Basics have you seen with a Red Service Award? Not too many. If a cadet earns the Curry within the first 60 days (better yet, 30), that cadet is much more apt to remain in CAP. The cadet who flounders leaves well before the year is out. We all know this. Therefore, it’s in everyone’s interest to find ways to help more cadets make it to Curry, and to get there faster. Enter a one-time, short-duration experiment: The Curry Motivation Project

Your thoughtful feedback about the short paper will be gratefully received. 

Is there any concern that these numbers are going to be heavily skewed one way or the other due to our current meeting restrictions? I imagine that any new cadets that join right now are especially motivated to be in the program since they're joining WITHOUT the benefit of in-person meetings, our usual activities, and the promise of quick orientation flights. >>>>>REPLY: True. But we are experimenting with a methodology, so procedural matters are of higher value than the (apparent) primary question of whether the experiment works in this unusual era of Covid. Worst case outcome: some cadets get a pair of chevrons and a webinar. - curt
Will Hess | 05/18/2020 at 09:10 AM
Is Curry proving to be a bottleneck of any sort? CAP has done a good job of making the barrier to entry very achievable, and any issues achieving the Curry would have to be a unit/leadership issue from my standpoint.
Kris Matthews | 05/17/2020 at 09:07 AM
It’s a great idea!! Maybe if you can add a certificate by email, when the cadet complete the Achievement.
Rolando Adorno | 05/13/2020 at 06:54 AM
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