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Cadet Cyber and STEM Recognition Program

Posted on June 16, 2021 at 2:46 PM by Joanna Lee

As the Cyber and STEM programs change and develop, it's important for our recognition program guidance to grow and change along with it.  Please check out the draft CAPP 60-41, Cadet Cyber and STEM Recognition Program, for forthcoming changes in earning the STEM and Cyber Badges.  Please review and let us know your feedback so we can incorporate it before our targeted 1 September 2021 effective date.  Thank you for supporting the cadets!

The instructions in section 1.2 "Process for Requesting & Approving Badge Awards" is inadequate. First, the form 2a has check marks for 15 "ribbons" and the "A. Scott Crossfield Award". There are no "badges" listed on the form. If the form were just going to the unit commander, any way of completing the form that satisfied the commander would suffice, but now that it is being emailed elsewhere, an example form should be provided so that the submitters will be confident the form will be accepted. Adding the requirement to email the form also creates uncertainty about when the cadet may begin wearing the badge; is it when the unit commander signs, or is it when the form appears in eservices?
1st Lt Gerard Ashton CAP | 9/9/21 at 12:55 PM
On page 1, section 1.2, “For each cyber badge level completed, the unit commander shall forward the completed CAPF 2a to Personnel at …, for entry into the cadet’s record in eServices.” Shouldn’t it say “for each badge level” or “for each cyber/STEM badge level”?
Krista M. | 6/17/21 at 6:31 PM
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