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Cadet Audio Textbooks

Posted on April 19, 2022 at 1:54 PM by Joanna Lee

A major component of the Cadet Program involves taking written test and exams based on comprehension of leadership and aerospace textbooks. Unfortunately, studying for and taking these tests can pose a problem for cadets who have disabilities affecting the comprehension of written texts. While audio files for some cadet texts have been provided by volunteers, many chapters and modules have not been available.  The National Cadet Team is now in the process of converting the core cadet texts into audio versions.  These files will increase the inclusivity of our program to those who may have unique learning needs.  Additionally, some learners may just prefer the convenience of listening to the text to learn the information and/or review before a comprehensive exam.

The first drafts of the Cadet Audio tracks are being posted here.  Please take a listen.  If you have feedback regarding the track production, please include it in the comments below or in an email to  

Special thanks to the National Cadet Advisory Council who was instrumental in taking up and elevating this project to support their fellow cadets.  

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As a parent of a cadet who had to use the existing readers in order to study for her exams, and as a retired teacher who had at least 35% of each class with either a special need or an inability to read or comprehend reading, I would congratulate your team on the desire to produce these audio files. However, when reading, on our own, if we were to read out loud, we would not give every dot and tittle. We would not say, section 1 point 1 - Learning to lead, Section 1 point 2 goals of learning to lead. Students needing to hear by audio, need to hear the content by audio, not all the section or goal numbers that go along with the reading. "Learning to lead, goals. The first goal is.." If the cadet takes an exam, and realizes specific sections need to be restudied, that same cadet will be able to find that section either by himself or with the help of a parent or squadron peer in the hard copy of the manual. The student will then be able to fast forward to that area on the audio file. It is equally as difficult to find an unmarked passage as it will be to find "1 point 1 learn to lead. 1point 2 goals" Also voice quality makes a difference. I listened to the first four audios. The passage must be read like it is being read in person, to another person. I believe it was audio three (there was a distinct change in voice in case i got the wrong file) that started out with a conversational, reading voice. The other voices were two sharp and pointed and listeners might hang up before finishing the file. The quality of voice in the third sample file is better than the rest. The quality of voice in the older already read leadership versions is better than 1,2,3 files attached. However the reader is way better at sounding like a reader in file 3. Hope this makes sense. Over all -- thank you so much for doing this. My daughter was not able to get past the second chief because these were not available at that time. Great job!
Maj Mary Fox | 7/19/23 at 2:12 PM
Brilliant! Of one thing I'm certain, this will be a boon to CPOs pressed for a moment to read/re-read/study these materials. I hope it will be made available through commonly used book or podcast apps!
Alexander Coleman | 8/2/22 at 5:56 PM
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