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CP Officer Training is Aligning with National Afterschool Association Standards

Posted on August 23, 2022 at 3:34 PM by Elizabeth Hornbach

Adult leadership is the biggest factor affecting success in the cadet mission. Adult training programs such as Training Leaders of Cadet (TLC), Cadet Protection Program (CPP) and the Cadet Programs Specialty Track are the main resources for Cadet Programs Officers to gain professional development.  As we endeavor to strategically position CAP for the future to Shape lives, build character, and ready young people for futures in aerospace and beyond, a goal in the strategic plan is to broaden adult leaders' capabilities as youth development professionals, equipping them to be champions of positive youth development practices proven effective in other youth organizations. With this in mind, we wanted to know how our CP adult training programs stacked up against other youth development organizations, while also determining if the programs meet the unique needs of our members. 

Review the journey we have been on to Evaluate the Adult Training Programs for Leaders Who Work with Cadets. This document explains the process we have taken to gather research and insights prior to updating the adult education programs for Cadet Programs Officers. 

After reading the above document, if you would like to provide your feedback to be included in the research, please complete the Adult Education Evaluation Questionnaire and return it to

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