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Cadet Adventure

Posted on August 30, 2022 at 11:01 AM by Curt LaFond


After two years of COVID, cadets are ready to go outside, get their hands dirty, and challenge themselves.

Adventure-based learning (ABL) consists of highly-structured physical activity with periods of reflection to promote personal and social development. They’re empowering and build physical and mental grit.

Our vision for Cadet Adventure takes inspiration from the CAP Strategic Plan, which calls us to increase cadet earning outcomes in character and fitness through a new emphasis on challenging, hands-on activities.

The attached presentation summarizes the approach we're envisioning for a new Cadet Adventure program. Let us know your thoughts below. Thank you. 

My squadron is interested in participating in the adventure-based learning (ABL) activities; however, we do not have an iFly anywhere in the State of Montana and the only Civilian Marksmanship Program affiliate in the county does not seem to be interested in working with our squadron to conduct a program for our cadets. Has an MoU been finalized with the Civilian Marksmanship Program to help get something moving forward?
Steven Heffel | 2/11/24 at 4:24 PM
This model has been applied for marksmanship and indoor skydiving last year in the unit I am in. It does take a lot of planning, time and funds all of which in the end benefit the cadets and grow the program. Perhaps some grant money allocated for these programs would help, the program does allow room for alternative activities and we are already planning our next years High Adventure activities.
KRISTEN L MILLER | 1/5/24 at 5:57 AM
Adventure activities are great -- but basically exist through the high adventure platform. If it is found that our existing high adventure platform is not producing an excitement for the cadets, then this, probably would not either. Don't get me wrong. This platform sounds fabulous, but at the squadron level, what would I sacrifice to put this into place? The more cadets in a squadron, the louder that question seems to be (at least on my end). *Yet, I love the direction of this program option
Maj Mary fox | 7/19/23 at 1:54 PM
Excellent Idea! Does not need to be part of QCUA but maybe Cadets earn an Adventure ribbon or badge. That way addition programs could be included. For example: whitewater rafting, rappelling, confidence course. That would give access to Cadets that do not have the partnered business in the area and still provide an awards system. When does it start?
Charles Davis | 5/25/23 at 3:56 PM
I love the idea, and think it could serve another purpose in helping with accessibility to actvities for squadrons. Cadets love these kinds of activities and generally the limiting factor is cost and safety approvals. I would propose, this could also be vehicle for getting vendors, by wing/region, registered for use after the initial vetting for any squardons use for these type of high adventure activities which require Wing CC approval. Having preapproved vendors for these activities would definately reduce the paperwork and we could even have prefilled template forms specific to the vendor that would just need the activity specific details such as date/time and attendees populated. While some parts of the country have iFLY, others have white water rafting, so a protocol to get 3rd party vendors reviewed and pre-approved for additional CAP squadron use would definately open the accessibility.
Gary Fox | 2/9/23 at 1:39 PM
I think all of these sound like great ideas, super fun activities that the cadets would definitely enjoy. However, I agree with the above comments that not all units would have access to some of these programs. Especially in states where firearm laws are much more restrictive. And more rural areas that may not have an iFly (or similar) anywhere within a reasonable traveling distance (iFly appears to only be in the area of the East Coast and midwest). Would love to see these as sponsored activities, but should not count toward the QCUA.
SM Jessica Carey | 12/5/22 at 2:43 PM
These Adventure activities are awesome and we as a unit have done Marksmanship, and are working on getting some repelling activities. However, let me tell you it is a lot of work to get one of the activities in place. Lots of paperwork is involved, getting approved instructors, and people willing to give equipment (guns and ammo for example). The volunteer time cost to do these activities is very high. Additionally, these chain of approved vendors are not widely located around the country. I-fly is not local to my unit and the costs if we were to have to carry that burden are un-realistic. I can imagine other units around the country also have the same problem. This project of trying to make these programs easier to access and build partnerships with vendors is excellent. However, I recommend not putting it as any QCUA metric.
Kale LeBlanc | 11/6/22 at 10:52 AM
Introducing new activities is great. Is this something available nationwide? You may be introducing and making a QCUA parameter something not all units may have access to. This is an item I believe needs a great deal of further study.
Elizabeth M Yull | 9/1/22 at 4:16 PM
Introducing new activities is great. Is this something available nationwide? You may be introducing and making a QUA parameter something not all units may have access to. This is an item I believe needs a great deal of further study.
Elizabeth M Yull | 9/1/22 at 4:15 PM
I appreciate NHQ trying to find adventure activities to include as programming options. My primary concerns: 1) Timing of inclusion in QCUA Since this is in the proving grounds as of 8/30/22, Please confirm the adventure activity points will not be a measured criteria for the 2022-2023 QCUA earning year. Adding this as a measurable without notice before the earning period begins does not set up the field for success. 2) Impact on volunteer staff Most seniors who are involved with CP already give a lot of time, talent and treasure to help cadets and cadet programs be successful. Has adequate consideration been given to the bandwidth of those in the field? Ideas on the table are great, but it can be interpreted that more work on unpaid volunteers are being asked for when many in the field are giving so much already in the pursuit of excellence and meaningful programming for our cadets.
Mary Albright | 8/30/22 at 11:52 AM
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