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Aerospace Content Order in the Cadet Curriculum

Posted on December 29, 2023 at 3:06 PM by Tammy Hallihan

The current cadet curriculum has each cadet engage with aerospace content for 13 of the 16 achievements and allows for significant flexibility in the selection of modules, giving cadets the autonomy to choose the order in which they complete them. However, the anticipated benefits of this flexibility have not been realized as frequently as expected. The impending transition to a new Learning Management System (LMS) in 2024 offers an opportune moment to reassess the cadet user experience, especially considering the recent additions of Cadet Interactive, honor credit, and test banking.  This paper delves into the intricate dynamics of the cadet experience, technological concerns, and data analysis to propose a solution aimed at streamlining the aerospace curriculum for a more effective and user-friendly experience. Please see the attached paper that advocates for a shift towards a sequenced aerospace cadet curriculum, like the leadership curriculum, to enhance the user experience and streamline the learning process. Please share your thoughtful comments on this proposal here in the Proving Grounds or by emailing

Sequential order is probably the best option. However, some modules, such as Module 3 can be more challenging than others, so giving the cadets time to do the more fun or easier ones might also work. However, procrastination should be discouraged. Sequential order would most certainly be the best option
C/CMSgt Michael Gaetano | 4/7/24 at 6:20 AM
I agree with going to sequential order. It may even help by renaming them to align them with the achievements they lead to, since I've found cadets get confused when they're working on Ach 2 and they have to do Chapter 2 in Learn to Lead and Module 1 in Aerospace Dimensions.
Kris Matthews | 2/27/24 at 5:37 PM
I would agree that having cadets take the modules in sequential order would be beneficial and also create a standardized approach to gathering data on cadets' progress. This standardized approach may especially be helpful when evaluating data for all the sub-populations in CAP.
Lee Guidry | 1/4/24 at 1:32 PM
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