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Training Leaders of Cadets

Nationally Offered Courses TLC Basic TLC Intermediate TLC Advanced Refreshing TLC Credit 2021 TLC Updates Organizing & Instructing TLC

Training Leaders of Cadets is the premiere venue for Cadet Programs Officers to learn how to become better mentors of cadets and more effective managers of cadet squadrons. The 3-course program is a component of the Cadet Programs Officer Specialty Track. To foster collegial discussions among adult volunteers, cadets are prohibited from attending.


Nationally Offered TLC Courses

In an effort to expand the offerings for TLC, National Headquarters will begin offering regularly scheduled TLC-Basic & TLC-Intermediate courses, offered virtually.  These courses will be in addition to the locally offered courses, hosted by each wing.  These virtual courses are just another way to expand the accessibility of TLC. We will soon begin offering 1 course per month, alternating TLC-Basic one month and TLC-Intermediate the next.

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TLC Basic

Format:  7.25 hours of discussion-based learning in-residence, with three short web modules

Outcome:  Adult leaders prepared to contribute as Cadet Programs Officers on a squadron staff

Learning Goals: 

  1. Articulate the Cadet Programs vision, to include referencing the key traits of cadet life, the program elements and the outcomes each produces, and an explanation of the promotion process.

  2. Explain the roles and responsibilities of cadet programs officers serving at the squadron level, with special regard to leadership dynamics, as the adult’s role changes when the cadet staff’s readiness changes.

  3. Describe operating principles for squadron-level cadet programs, including Cadet Great Start, weekly meetings and activities, and using the Quality Cadet Unit Award as a self-assessment and managerial tool.

Target Audience:  
•  New adult volunteers
•  Adult volunteers serving in positions below squadron deputy commander
•  Veteran CP officers seeking refresher training

Pre-Arrival Coursework:  Students need to complete three web-based lessons prior to arrival.
See eServices > Online Learning > Learning Management System > Cadet Programs > TLC Basic Course

Course Materials:  Visit the Student & Instructor Downloads page


TLC Basic -
Student & Instructor Downloads

TLC Intermediate


Format:  6.5 hours of discussion-based learning in-residence, with one short web modules

Outcome:  Cadet Programs Officers prepared to lead a squadron’s Cadet Program

Learning Goals:  

  1. Discuss how local leaders might serve cadets with special needs. 

  2. Describe methods for positive, indirect leadership.

  3. Describe major national and wing activity programs. 

Target Audience:  
• Graduates of the TLC Basic Course
• Adult volunteers preparing themselves for service as a squadron commander or deputy commander for cadets
• Veteran CP officers seeking refresher training

Pre-Arrival Coursework:  One web module

Course Materials:  Visit the Student & Instructor Downloads page

TLC Advanced


Format:  6 hours of discussion-based learning and briefings delivered via NHQ-hosted webinars

Outcome:  Cadet Programs Officers prepared to administer a wing Cadet Program

Learning Goals:  

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive awareness of the DCP’s responsibilities

  2. Identify what resources NHQ makes available to wings and describe best   practices for maximizing them

  3. Describe effective ways for training, monitoring, and evaluating, squadron-level people and programs

  4. Describe effective ways to implement wing-level cadet activities, consistent with CAP standards

Target Audience:  
• Adult volunteers recently appointed as Region or Wing DCPs

Registration:  Limited to Region and Wing DCPs

Pre-Arrival Coursework:   None

Refresh Your TCL Credit

TLC remains current for 48 months. Because the Cadet Program cannot succeed without adult leadership, every cadet unit shall have at least two members who have completed a TLC course (any level) within the last 48 months. Although, it is ideal that all adult members who work with cadets have taken TLC.  (see CAPR 60-1,

Those wishing to refresh or renew their TLC standing can go about in one of the following ways:

  1. Re-take a course: You may retake a TLC course that you have already taken. For example, if you took TLC Basic you may re-take TLC Basic. Your standing would remain current for 48 months form the date of your most recent course. 

  2. Take a higher-level course: You may wish to continue your education by taking the next level course, especially if your duty position has advanced. You do not need to re-take a lower level prior to taking the next level. In fact, while TLC Basic is encouraged, it is not a prerequisite for TLC Intermediate or Advanced. It is recommended that you take the TLC course that most aligns with the level in which you are serving.

    TLC Basic is geared for new adult volunteers and adult volunteers serving in positions below squadron deputy commander
    TLC Intermediate is aimed at adult volunteers preparing themselves for service as a squadron commander or deputy commander for cadets|
    TLC Advanced is for adult volunteers recently appointed as Region or Wing DCPs

  3.  Instruct a TLC Course: If you have extensive knowledge in an area of cadet programs, you may opt to instruct at a TLC course.  For instructors to gain credit for the course, they must complete the online modules and be present and engaged with 80% of the course. Active participation in discussions should be dominated by the students, but instructors should be present, engaged and listening to the discussion. For more information on instructing at a TLC, see pages 7-9 of the TLC Course Director’s Handbook

If you have any questions about how to keep your TLC credit current, please contact Elizabeth Hornbach

Explanation of Changes - Oct 2021 Update

The Training Leaders of Cadets course was revised in October 2021 to bring it up to date with the current CAP Cadet Program; much has changed since 2016 when the course was last edited. Some lessons do have substantial changes, to reflect the new program as well as feedback from the field, while others only required moderate or minor changes. 

All Levels
  • Guidelines for virtual instruction were added to the Course Director’s Handbook

  • Course Director’s Handbook includes sample e-mails and schedules

  • Course Evaluations will now be done digitally through an online survey system (link in course conclusion)

  • All slide photos were updated to reflect uniform changes (removing BDUs)

  •  Student Packets now includes all resources and blank forms students will need for the class

  •  “Answer Key” packets created to give as additional resources, post exercises.

  • All regulation and pamphlet references updated to reflect the 26 October 2021 regulation updates

TLC – Basic
  • Progressive Discipline web module added

  • Cadet Advancement web module has substantial updates; Cadet Great Start web module has minor updates.  

  • Lesson plans created for the Z.1 Greeting & Overview and Z.2 Conclusion sections

  • Cadet Programs Officer (2.1) has substantial changes to reflect the current CAPP 60-11

  • Cadet Activities I (3.3) now includes a section on the CAPF 160

  • All other lessons have moderate to minor changes

TLC – Intermediate
  • Transformational Leadership (2.1), Feedback & Mentoring (2.2), Progressive Discipline (2.3) and Cadet Activities II (3.2) all have substantial changes

  • Tour of the Cadet Curriculum (3.1) is now a web module

  • All other lessons have moderate to minor changes

  • Generation Z as Learners and Cadet Safety & Welfare will not be created for this edition. 

TLC – Advanced
  • None at this time

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