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Nationally Offered Courses

In an effort to expand the offerings for TLC, National Headquarters will begin offering regularly scheduled TLC-Basic & TLC-Intermediate courses, offered virtually.  These courses will be in addition to the locally offered courses, hosted by each wing.  These virtual courses are just another way to expand the accessibility of TLC. We will soon begin offering 1 course per month, alternating TLC-Basic one month and TLC-Intermediate the next.

TLC Basic

TLC Intermediate

January - None Available

February 26-28, 2024 (Evenings)

March 23, 2024 (Saturday)

April 8-10, 2024 (Evenings)

May 8, 15, and 22 (Wednesday Evenings)

June 1 & 8 (Evenings)

Jul 13, 2024 (Saturday)


All courses will be available for registration through Registration Zone.

More dates coming soon!

Qualified instructors are being sought by CAP/CP TLC Team. If you meet the qualifications:

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