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TLC Advanced

The TLC Advanced Course is delivered only by NHQ. The course is only applicable for those administrating wing-level Cadet Programs. Participation will be limited, and DCPs will receive priority seating. The TLC Advanced Course is not a requirement for any level in the Cadet Programs Specialty Track.

Format:  6 hours of discussion-based learning and briefings delivered via NHQ-hosted webinars

Outcome:  Cadet Programs Officers prepared to administer a wing Cadet Program

Learning Goals:  

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive awareness of the DCP’s responsibilities

  2. Identify what resources NHQ makes available to wings and describe best   practices for maximizing them

  3. Describe effective ways for training, monitoring, and evaluating, squadron-level people and programs

  4. Describe effective ways to implement wing-level cadet activities, consistent with CAP standards

Target Audience:  
• Adult volunteers recently appointed as Region or Wing DCPs

Registration:  Limited to Region and Wing DCPs

Pre-Arrival Coursework:   None

Course Outline:    
Z.1    Welcome & Introductions
Key Question:  What is this course deigned to deliver?

1    The Director of Cadet Programs
Key Question:  What are the habits of successful DCPs? 
2    NHQ Support Programs                            
Key Question: What resources does NHQ make available, and how can you obtain and maximize them?

3    Supporting the Squadrons                            
Key Question: How should DCPs support squadrons?
4    Special Topics for Our Community of Practice                        
Key Question: How do we approach the specific topics and current trends in our wings?

5    Cadet Activities III                                
Key Question: What activities are implemented at the wing level?  What are the recommended 
best practices for execution?

Z.2    Conclusion                                
Key Question: How did you feel about the content and delivery of this course?

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