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TLC Advanced



Collected slides, 2019 CAP National Conference



  1. Cadet Programs Officers prepared to administer a wing-level Cadet Program
  2. Promote greater collegiality among DCPs and the National Cadet Team



  1. By participating in the course’s briefings and discussions, each participant will:
  2. Demonstrate a comprehensive awareness of the DCP’s responsibilities
  3. Identify what resources NHQ makes available to wings and describe best practices for maximizing them
  4. Describe effective ways for training, monitoring, and evaluating, squadron-level people and programs
  5. Describe effective ways to implement wing-level cadet activities, consistent with CAP standards



Welcome Brief

The Director of Cadet Programs   
What are the habits of successful DCPs?

NHQ Support Programs                                       
What resources does NHQ make available, and how do you obtain and maximize them?

Supporting the Squadrons                 
How do effective DCPs serve the squadrons?

Special Topics
What challenges have you faced that your colleagues could learn from?

Cadet Activities III     * two sessions
What activities are implemented at the wing level? 
What are the recommended best practices for execution?      

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