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Youth Development Conference

View the 2022 Conference Materials!

Recordings of the conference sessions and facilitation curriculum will be available in the coming weeks. 

Schedule of Events

The conference took place virtually on January 14-16, 2022. 


The CAP Cadet Program is an incredible opportunity for young people to shape their lives, build character and develop skills they will need in their lives and careers. CAP cadets do not passively learn about leadership and aerospace; they are immersed in experiences which foster positive youth development.  

The 2022 CAP Youth Development Conference will focus on cultivating cadet programs to be memorable experiences that stimulate powerful learning and growth. Many CAP activities successfully create these types of experiences; leaders can leverage the Experiential Learning Cycle and Choice Theory strategies to elevate these activities to be robust and intentional experiences for cadets to learn, reflect, and grow.

Conference participants will discuss how we can elevate the culture of our home units to create environments that support positive youth development, which in-turn foster cadets' intrinsic motivations for learning and growth. We’ll examine the importance of building relationships to create positive cultures and explore how the simple habit of reflection can significantly impact youth development, elevating cadets' experiences from fun and memorable to meaningful, substantial moments of growth.

Participants will further their understanding of practical methods for designing positive youth development experiences and creating cultures that encourage growth.


Learning Objectives  

1.    Increase our community’s awareness of the important components of experiential learning to achieve meaningful outcomes. 

2.    Increase CP officers’ competencies in creating a trusting, caring environment.

3.    Help our community understand that relationship building is a key component of building a positive community. 

4.    Participants will themselves experience the experiential learning cycle of: Do. Reflect. Apply. 

Invited Audience 

This program is limited to Region and Wing DCPs or their designee, if DCPs can't attend, invited members of the National Cadet Team, and distinguished guests.

Financial Support 

Free to all participants


  • Online using Microsoft Teams. After registering, participants will receive more information about joining the coference.


  • Invitation Only.  This program is limited to Region and Wing DCPs and invited members of the National Cadet Team. Members of the CAP Command Team also will attend.  

  • Substitution Requests.  Please contact request substitution for an invited participant (i.e. DCP unavailable but an alternate is available) 


The conference proceeds in a casual, collegial environment. The uniform of the day is the CAP Corporate Working Uniform (“golf shirt”) or business casual attire.

Participation Requirements    

  • Attend all conference sessions

  • Actively participate in group discussions

  • Respect academic non-attribution privileges

Program Organizers

The CAP National Cadet Team is organizing this conference. 

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