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Key Resources



Cadet Publication Index:  Quick reference to all numbered cadet publications


60-20 New Cadet Guide: How to register for eServices, wear the uniform, complete Achievement 1, stay safe, have fun, and more 

60-21 Cadet Great Start: Comprehensive program for transforming prospective cadets into C/Amn in 5 weeks

60-102 Cadet Programs Fact Sheet: Overview of CP goals, content areas, statistics, outcomes, and more

60-103 CAP Cadet Program Overview: Overview of the Cadet Program for strategic audiences


Learn to Lead: 4-volume, standards-based textbook series, plus curriculum guide, lesson plans, and more

Drill & Ceremonies: Drill manual, instructional videos, lesson plans, and more

60-31  Cadet Staff Handbook: Goal setting, leadership mentoring, Air Force traditions, position descriptions, and organizational charts

60-32  Staff Duty Analysis Guide: Service learning, technical writing, and oral presentations for cadet officers

60-90  Leadership Feedback: Evaluation and mentoring instrument commonly used in promotion boards

151  Respect on Display: How and why CAP practices Air Force-style customs and courtesies

Uniform Inspection Scorecard: Optional tool, formatted for letter-size paper


AE Cadet Educational Resources: Homepage for all cadet-related texts, activity guides, and lesson plans

AE Grants:  Information on how to obtain special funding for cadet AE activities

STEM Kits:  Information on how to obtain free learning materials for squadron use

60-40 Cadet Orientation Flight Program Guide  Program basics, best practices, flight syllabi

60-41 Cyber & STEM Recognition Programs; related tool: cadet log in Excel format

60-106  Cadet Flight Plan:  Poster illustrating pathway from new cadet to aviation professional 
11x17 tabloid, zipped file, for printing on some desktop printers
Slide / mini-poster version
Quick view image


Active Cadet Fitness Program: How to conduct fun and meaningful fitness training activities and how to implement the CPFT

Fitness Resources:  Helpful links for learning about and administering the ACFP.

Fit for Flying: Readings and activities about the role of fitness in making the human body "airworthy."


Character Forum Activity Plans: Repository of all authorized resources used during monthly character forums

Cadet Wingman Course: Introduction to Core Values, safety, and cadet protection for Achievement 1 cadets

Medal of Honor Character Lessons:  Supplemental character lessons from the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation

Core Values Guru Guide:  Air Force resource for making Core Values fully present in your organization

DDR-X Activity Guide: Hands-on learning activities containing a strong, drug-free message

Future of the DDR Program:  Explains how the Drug Demand Reduction effort is no longer positioned as a stand-alone program but integrated into the overall Cadet Program

60-61  Red Ribbon Leadership Academy: Guide for a 3-hour outreach program lead by cadets for non-cadet students

60-62  Unit Honor Guard Program: How to establish a unit honor guard and conduct honor guard activities correctly

60-63  The Congressional Award: Teen recognition program for service, professional development, fitness, and exploration

60-105  Cadet Wingman Poster: Poster promoting the wingman concept

60-107  Core Values Poster: Poster promoting the Core Values

Activity Curricula

Cadet Competition:  Home page for competition rules and supplemental materials

Cadet Honor Academy:  Home page for the 3-day program that combines Core Values education with drill and ceremonies training

Encampment:  Home page for all encampment lessons, visual aids, and collateral materials

Region Cadet Leadership School:  Home page for the RCLS program

Activity Risk Management

Cadet Weather:  Guidance on safely conducting cadet activities in hot and cold conditions

60-72  Required Staff Training: Curriculum for reducing the risk of hazing, harassment, and inappropriate training intensity at cadet activities

60-80  Cadet Permission Slip: Indicates cadet is authorized by parents to attend a special event 

60-81  Application for Encampment: Application form, medical information, and legal release

60-82  High Adventure Activity Authorization: Planning and authorization document for rappelling, firearms training, and other activities with significant risks of injury  

Fact Sheets, Awards, & Heritage

60-102  Cadet Programs Fact Sheet:  Quick overview of the program mission, vision, content areas, outcomes, and more.

Milestone Award Fact Sheets:  Quick overview of each milestone award, suitable for reading aloud to the audience during an award ceremony  

Special Awards Home Page:  Overview of special awards available to cadets; "... of the year" awards; CP awards to units; etc.

Cadet to Astronaut: Profile of Eric Boe

1st Female Thunderbird: Profile of Nicole Malachowski

1st Black Female Fighter Pilot: Profile of Lex Kimbrell

CSAF Perspective on Spaatz: Speech by Gen Norton Schwartz

75th Cadet Year: Special issue of CAP Volunteer magazine

60-110 Cadet Heritage: Priceless documents from aerospace pioneers who support CAP cadets



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