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Cadet Interactive


26 October 2021- Thanks for your patience!  A whole suite of updates go live on 26 October 2021.  Some of these updates include:

Cadet Interactive 

Honor Credit 

Milestone Exams Tightened

Cadet Welcome Course

Cadet Publications Update

Cadet Promotions in Professional Levels

Cadet Testing in AXIS

Test Banking

Aerospace Dimensions 7: Cyber Security


We're excited to debut these excellent new programs that will improve learning, add flexibility, and overall enhance the Cadet Program.  Keep reading to learn more!

News & Innovations 2021- detailed video of updates from 2021 National Conference


Cadet Interactive

Cadet Interactive Article from News + Innovations 2020

How to access Cadet Interactive Courses for Cadets

Senior Members may view the Cadet Interactive Modules in AXIS (Cadet Interactive Modules in Course Catalogue).  
Interested parties without access to eServices can download and view Cadet Interactive Modules here.

Honor Credit

If a cadet completes both Cadet Interactive modules for a given achievement and completes the traditional written tests, they earn Honor Credit. eServices is annotated accordingly. To recognize these over-achievers, Honor Credit cadets may affix a silver star to the respective Achievement ribbon. Note that Honor Credit applies only to achievements, not milestone awards, which remain closed-book exams.  Specific details on items to earn honor credit are listed on each Stripes to Diamonds achievement page. 


Honor Credit Available?

Items Required



4-Learn to Lead test, Learn to Lead Cadet Interactive module, Aerospace Dimensions test, Aerospace Dimensions module



4-Learn to Lead test, Learn to Lead Cadet Interactive module, Aerospace Dimensions test, Aerospace Dimensions module



3- Learn to Lead test, Learn to Lead Cadet Interactive module, Journey of Flight test







Milestone Exams Tightened

Here’s another reform to the academic side of cadet life, one the cadets will gratefully receive. Milestone Award exam content is slightly adjusted. We’ve eliminated redundancies. Now, at the end of each phase, the cadet is responsible for showing mastery of the subject matter presented during that phase. No longer are the exams cumulative, except at the Spaatz. This adjustment should make the promotion system a bit more friendly to today’s generation of over-scheduled cadets.




I - Wright Bros. Award

Learn to Lead, Vol. 1

No milestone exam required

II - Mitchell Award

Learn to Lead, Vol. 2

Aerospace Dimensions, Vols. 1-7*

III - Earhart Award

Learn to Lead, Vol 3

No milestone exam required

IV- Eaker Award

No milestone exam required

No milestone exam required

Spaatz Award

Learn to Lead, Vols. 1-4

Aerospace: The Journey of Flight


* Currently Volumes 1-6.  Aerospace Dimension Module 7, Cyber Security, will be added to the Mitchell Aerospace test on 1 January 2022.

Cadet Welcome Course

New class for new cadets.  Required for Achievement 1.  Most cadets will take in AXIS and get an introduction to Cadet Interactive, as well as the New Cadet Guide.  Also available as an in-classroom lesson plan for cadets/squadrons without internet access or supporting cadets with special needs.

How do I access Cadet Welcome Course?

Cadet Welcome Course Lesson Plan

Cadet Publications Update

Cadet Publications Update Blog Post

Cadet Testing in AXIS

How to access Cadet Interactive and testing for Cadets

Quick Start guide for Cadets (7 min)


Cadet Promotions in Professional Levels

Cadet Accomplishments Visual Guide

Cadet Promotions Training Guide

Test Banking

To help cadets whose schedules get busy during certain months, we’re relaxing the ”test banking” rules. Until now, a C/SSgt could work on C/TSgt leadership and aerospace tasks. Now, we’ll allow that cadet to “bank” one Achievement, completing the C/MSgt tasks, too.  Cadets may not bank past a milestone exam into the next phase.

Cyber Module

A seventh module in the Aerospace Dimensions series, “Cyber Security,” is now available*. Accordingly, effective 26 October 2021, to fulfill Achievement 8 requirements, cadets must pass an Aerospace Dimensions written test or complete the Cadet Interactive module. As with other Aerospace Dimensions modules, the cyber module may be completed in any order. The cyber module’s content will be included on the Mitchell Award exam effective 1 January 2022, regardless of the cadet having completed the module on the path to the Mitchell Award or not.

*Text of "Cyber Security" is finalized, but pamphlet is receiving final copy editing and graphic design before print run.  Finalized pamphlet will be posted to Aerospace Downloads shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Cadet Interactive?

A:  Cadet Interactive is a new way for cadets to work through the Leadership and Aerospace Dimensions texts. These online modules present the textbook material in a new way that allows cadets to listen to narration, flip cards, click hot spots, 

Q:  What texts are available through Cadet Interactive?

A:  The New Cadet Guide, Learn to Lead volumes I-III (chapters 1-11) and the Aerospace Dimensions modules.  

Q:  What about cadets that lack internet access?

A: We believe this learning system will work for the vast majority of cadets, while acknowledging that cadets from low-income families and those who live in rural communities beyond the reach of broadband will be at a disadvantage. The good news is Cadet Interactive will be located in eServices, so anyone who can access eServices now – via home, phone, school, library, or the squadron – can access Cadet Interactive. In the worst-case scenario, the squadron can continue to serve these cadets via the hard copy, open-book, multiple choice tests they are using today.

Q:  May Cadets go back through previous modules in Cadet Interactive to use as a study/review platform for milestone exams?

A:  Yes, cadets will be able to open all previously completed Cadet Interactive modules to review the information at any time.

Q:  I completed both the Chapter 4 leadership test and Cadet Interactive module, but the honor credit isn't displaying in my record, why?

A:  To earn honor credit for most achievements in phases I and II you need to complete the test and Interactive module for both the leadership chapter and Aerospace Dimensions module you selected.  Full details on exactly what needs to be completed for honor credit are found on the Stripes to Diamonds page for each achievement.

Q:  How can a cadet see what they've completed?

A: Cadets can view their eServices record in eServices > Cadet Programs > Cadet Promotions Track Report.  

Q: What is the purpose of the Upload Documents feature in the Cadet Promotions module?  Do we have to upload a document for every single item?

A: The Upload Document feature in Accomplishments is optional for the vast majority of promotion items.  The unit may find it useful to have paper tests, leadership feedback, and/or other documents saved in a cadet's electronic record.  Only the the Leadership Essay and Speech for Achievement 8 and the Eaker Award require an uploaded document. 

Q: If we do the Cadet Welcome Course in a classroom environment with the syllabus provided, how do we manually enter in the date of completion?

A:  The classroom version of the Cadet Welcome Course can be entered through the new bulk entry. You can find this through eServices> Cadet Promotions > Multi-Entry > Bulk Entry Cadet Promotions.

Q:  A cadet completed a Cadet Interactive Module and has the certificate to prove it, but I don't see it on their Accomplishments page, why?

A: Currently, cadet test/modules taken in AXIS may not show up on their Achievements page without a “hard pull” in the system.  If you suspect a completed item is missing, search the cadet’s name in Member Search and return to the Accomplishment’s page.  The item should now display correctly.  We apologize for the inconvenience and expect to have this updated shortly. 

Q:  How can a testing officer reset a cadet's failed test in AXIS?

A:  With the move of cadet testing into the AXIS Learning Management System testing officers no longer have the ability to unlock cadet tests.  The test will unlock automatically in seven days.  It's important that cadets understand that when starting a test in AXIS that it's a timed test and they should be ready to go.  When a cadet has a technical issue, please email for assistance in getting the test reset.  

Alternatively, if they don't wish to wait and study further, the cadets in phases I and II may want to use the Cadet Interactive module for their achievement progression.  These do no lock and can be completed at any time.  The test can then contribute towards honor credit once it unlocks.



Last update: 11/15/2021

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