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Values for Living 2.0

The new Values for Living 2.0 character curriculum is designed to instill the virtues of ethical leadership in our cadets through a facilitated learning environment. Each lesson comes complete with video resources so internet is not required for presentation.

The Values for Living 2.0 PDF lesson plans are available below. The full sets of lesson materials for Values for Living 2.0 cadet character forums, including video resources, are now located in the Axis Learning Management System inside eServices. Because of the legal restriction of fair use copyright law some of the video resources are accessible only by chaplains, CDIs, and commanders.*

2022 Lesson Plans

January 2022

Keeping a Confidence Lesson Plan

Keeping a Confidence Video*

February 2022

Temperance Lesson Plan

Temperance Video

Temperance Zip

March 2022

Bounce Back Lesson Plan

Bounce Back Video*

April 2022

Fortitude Lesson Plan

Fortitude Video*

May 2022

Friendship Lesson Plan

Friendship Activity Worksheet

Friendship Video

Friendship Zip

June 2022

Inclusivity Lesson Plan

Inclusivity Video

Inclusivity Zip

July 2022

Feedback Lesson Plan

Feedback Video

Feedback Zip

August 2022

Teamwork Lesson Plan

Teamwork Worksheet

September 2022

Volunteer Service Lesson Plan

Volunteer Service Video

Volunteer Service Zip

October 2022

Heroism Lesson Plan

Heroism Worksheet

Heroism Video

Heroism Zip

November 2022

Respectful Disagreement Lesson Plan

Respectful Disagreement Video

Respectful Disagreement Zip

*The video is in the AXIS LMS under Values for Living 2.0 but is not available in the Cadet Library due to fair use copyright legal restrictions (only downloadable for approved presenters)



2021 Lesson Plans

January 2021

Integrity Lesson Plan

Integrity Video

Integrity Zip

February 2021

Excellence Lesson Plan

March 2021

Vision & Goals Lesson Plan

Vision & Goals Worksheet

Vision & Goals Video

Vision & Goals Zip

April 2021

Perseverance Lesson Plan

Perseverance Video

Perseverance Zip

May 2021

Focus Lesson Plan

Focus Video

June 2021

Perspective Lesson Plan

July 2021

Confidence Lesson Plan

Confidence Worksheet

Confidence Video*

August 2021

Humility Lesson Plan

Humility Video

Humility Zip

September 2021

Wellness & Resilience Focus Day 2021:
Pillar of Family

Lesson Plan
Slides (PPT)
Slides (PDF)

October 2021

Patience Lesson Plan

Patience Video

Patience Zip

November 2021

Gratitude Lesson Plan

Gratitude Video

Gratitude Zip

December 2021

Counsel Lesson Plan

Counsel Intro Video**

Counsel Wrap Up Video

Counsel Zip

*The video is in the AXIS LMS under Values for Living 2.0 but is not available in the cadet library due to fair use copyright legal restrictions (only downloadable for approved presenters)
** Easter egg: The Civil War ironclad ship in the intro video is the USS Cairo, named after the town. She was sunk on December 12, 1862 after hitting a remotely controlled mine on the Yazoo River north of Vicksburg, Mississippi. She sank in twelve minutes. The USS Cairo was recovered in 1964 and is one of only four surviving Civil War ironclads. She is currently on display at the Vicksburg National Military Park.




Here’s how to access the Values for Living 2.0 lesson plans:

  • Log into eServices with your CAP ID

  • Click the “Menu” icon with three horizontal bars at the top left

  • Click the Online Learning link

  • Click Learning Management System

  • Click “Go To Axis”

  • The course modules in Axis are in alphabetical order. Values for Living 2.0 will be near the end of your courses

  • Click “Start” on the Values for Living 2.0 course to open it

  • Click “Open” to download the full lesson plan and class materials

* In order to provide certain media files with the lessons we are required to keep the materials in a password protected area and accessible only to authorized instructors.

For any support questions related to access or the Values for Living 2.0 curriculum please contact


About the New Values for Living 2.0 Character Development Curriculum

  • The new lessons will run on a two year cycle starting with the January lesson on Integrity. The lessons build on each other and are intended to be done in order, so every squadron will be doing the same lesson the same month.

  • Phase 1 and 2 cadets will be participants in the new program. Phase 3 cadets will be your assistant facilitators and will help run the small group discussions and activities.

  •  The new lessons use a facilitated learning model designed to give the cadets a transformational learning experience that helps them internalize the character trait in each lesson. 

  • The old Values for Living materials are no longer authorized after the end of this year, so no more FACS analyses after January 1.

Instructor Training to Ensure Your Success

  • The Air Force Academy worked with us to produce a training program for everyone teaching character forums. It is now available in the Online Learning section of eServices. It consists of nine training videos that have a total run time of about an hour, so the training can be done easily in an evening. This facilitator training is not mandatory but is highly recommended. If you are doing character development forums please schedule the time to go through the training for the new program because it will help ensure you understand how the new lessons work and will contribute greatly to your success.

  • You can access the facilitator course in the Chaplain section of the CAP Learning Management System at:

  • There is a link at the end of the training to download a leader's guide.


What About the Old Character Curriculum?

  • Cadet Wingman course to continue as the introductory class for Achievement 1 cadets

  • The old Flight Time—Values for Living materials are no longer authorized for character forums

  • DDR-X and Medal of Honor resources will continue to be recommended squadron activities but will no longer satisfy the monthly character forum requirement 


Program Control. Because character education is a comparatively more sensitive subject than leadership, aerospace, or fitness, CAP controls the curriculum and instructional staff more closely than it does the other program elements. Only the pre-approved materials located on this page may be used, though members may submit materials for consideration. Further, only a chaplain, character development instructor, or unit commander will lead a character forum. 


Last update: 4 November 2022

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