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Fit for Flying

Fit for Flying

Fit for Flying Instructor Guide









Fit for Flying has been written as a cooperative effort between the Civil Air Patrol Drug Demand Reduction Program, a component of Cadet Programs, and the Aerospace Education and Missions Divisions. This book provides young people, as well as entry-level and experienced pilots, with information concerning the primary importance of FAA medical certification to be fit for flying. This entire publication details how to maintain all airworthiness skills with good health and a dedication to a clean, drug-free lifestyle.

  • The aerospace industry has a zero tolerance for drug and alcohol abuse.

  • The privilege of flying an airplane is directly linked to the FAA’s medical certificate.

  • Pilot’s, flight crews, and support personnel who are impaired by drugs and alcohol endanger the safety of everyone in the air or on the ground.

  • A pilot, when operating an aircraft, is expected to be in excellent physical condition.

  • The operation of an aircraft in a three-dimensional, high altitude environment requires an ongoing program of study, recurrent training, and physical conditioning. To achieve this level of performance requires a commitment to a lifestyle of physical and mental conditioning which enables a pilot to be “airworthy” or Fit for Flying.

Download a copy of the textbook, Instructor's Guide, or quiz sheets by clicking on the images and links above.

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