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Is the Cadet Program cadet run?

How do you give cadets a sense of ownership over their program?

How does adult supervision and quality control work if cadets are taking a hands-on approach to leading?

The Lead2Change tool for helping cadets win adult support for their big ideas. 


Lead2Change Infographic

White Paper

Why Cadets Struggle for a Sense of Ownership in Cadet Life

Video Walk-Through

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Featured talk at the 35th Annual National Service-Learning Conference

Lead2Change Infographic

Landscape (best for slide decks, formatted for legal paper)

Portrait (2 sheets of letter size paper for easy printing at home)


Samples & Resources

The following downloads may be useful in your Lead2Change initiative. These resources are borrowed from the Cadet Staff Duty Analysis program. Do you have a resource that should be the example for others? Send it to us. In the future, we want to replace the scoring rubics found in the "Aids for Adults" column with something like a descriptive cheat sheet. 

Aids for Cadets

Aids for Adults / Mentors

Draft a Proposal (Advocacy Paper)  Receive Presentation on Proposal
Build an Operating Plan Receive Presentation on Operating Plan
Reflect Receive Presentation on After Action Review



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