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Required Staff Training


Cadet life should be . . .

(a)        a challenging, Air Force-style training environment.

(b)        an age-appropriate, positive learning experience.

(c)        a highly-regimented crucible for self-discipline.

(d)        free from hazing.

(e)        all of the above.

The answer, of course, is (e) all of the above. Cadets can be challenged in an Air Force-style training environment, without cadre resorting to hazing. But how do you do that?


Course Description

The Required Staff Training (RST) course is a program for senior members and ranking cadets that focuses on leadership challenges at lengthy cadet activities. RST reinforces participants’ knowledge of the Cadet Protection Policy and introduces the concept of setting appropriate training intensity levels. Reporting procedures for CPP violations are briefly discussed. In small groups, students will apply Operational Risk Management analysis techniques to identify and prevent CPP violations at their specific activity. The class then focuses on 2 or 3 selected scenarios, in order to apply concepts and learning from this course.

Errata for Training Materials

RST is now required less frequently than the training materials indicate. Today, RST is required of cadet cadre and adult staff present for the duration of an encampment or National Cadet Special Activity designated by CAP/CP.  Ref: CAPR 60-1, 8.1.6


RST Instructor Guide- CAPP 60-72 vol.1, May 2022

RST Student Guide- CAPP 60-72 vol.2, May 2022

RST Slides (PDF)- May 2022

RST Slides (PowerPoint)- May 2022




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