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Squadron Training Plans

You want your squadron to have meaningful and fun weekly meetings, but where do you start? This Squadron Training Plan website is an optional tool providing you with two years' worth of meeting plans.


Programming Philosophy

Cadets prefer hands-on activities whenever possible. The plan below calls for one classroom lesson in leadership and aerospace per month, with each augmented by at least one hands-on activity per month. For example, during Month #1, the squadron would conduct LLP-1.4 Ethical Decision Making during one of its two leadership blocks, and LAG-9 Mind Games during the other leadership block. Likewise, there are two aerospace lessons listed for the month, and three drill lessons listed as well.


See page bottom for a legend

3 20-min sessions per month  
2 45-60 min sessions per month  
2 45-60 min sessions per month  
 1  LDG-6 Columns   LLP-1.4 Ethical Decision-Making  AD-1.1 Flight
   LDG-2 Flanks & Rear  LAG-9 Mind Games  AEX-1.6
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 2  LDG-7 Column of Files  LLP-1.5 Communications  AD-1.2 To Fly… Rising Air
   LDG- 3&4 Side Steps & Open Ranks  LAG-13 The Game  AEX-1.12
  LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 3  LDG-8 Close & Extend  LLP-1.6 What is Leadership?  AD-2.1 Airplane Systems
   LDG-1 Facings  LAG-22 Leadership from a Hat  AEX-1.7
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 4  LDG-9 Guidon  LLP-1.7 Leader as Visionary…  AD-2.3 Aeronautical Charts
   LDG-11 Command Voice  LAG-23 WhichWay Did I Go?  AEX-1.11
  LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 5  LDG-6 Columns  LLP-1.8 Leader as Expert & Teacher  AD-3.2 Weather Elements
   LDG-2 Flanks & Rear  LLP-10 The Ring  AEX-1.17
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 6  LDG-7 Column of Files  LLP-2.1 The NCO  AD-3.3 Moisture & Clouds
   LDG- 3&4 Side Steps & Open Ranks  LAG-2 Time for the Shoe  AR-1 Redstone
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 7  LDG-8 Close & Extend  LLP-2.2 Servant Leadership  AD-4.2 Rocket Principles
   LDG-1 Facings  LAG-24 Monte Carlo  AEX-2.12
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 8  LDG-9 Guidon  LLP-2.3 Coaching & Mentoring  AD-4.3 Rocket Systems & Controls
   LDG-11 Command Voice  LAG-17 SuitsMe  AR-2 Titan
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill     (Saturday: AR-3 & Launches)
 9  LDG-6 Columns  LLP-2.7 Critical Thinking  AD-5.1 Space
   LDG-2 Flanks & Rear  LAG-11 Equal Distribution  AEX-1.13
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 10  LDG-7 Column of Files  LLP-2.8 Logical Fallacies  AD-5.2 Solar System
   LDG-3&4 Side Step & Open Ranks  LAG-12 One Thing is Like Another  AEX-1.10
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 11  LDG-8 Close & Extend  LLP-2.9 Creative Thinking  AD-6.1 Unmanned Spacecraft
   LDG-1 Facings  LAG-6 Puzzle Me This  AEX-2.5
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 12  LDG-9 Guidon  LLP-2.13 Emotional Intelligence  AD-6.2 Manned Spacecraft
   LDG-11 Command Voice  LAG-3 A Star is Born  AEX-1.21
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 13  LDG-6 Columns  LLP-2.14 Transformational Leadership  AD-1.3 Balloons
   LDG-2 Flanks & Rear  LAG-18 Bending the Rules  AEX-1.18
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 14  LDG-7 Column of Files  LLP-2.15 Team Learning  AGF-1 World of Aviation
   LDG- 3&4 Side Steps & Open Ranks  LAG-7 The Essay  AEX-2.1
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 15  LDG-8 Close & Extend  LLP-2.18 Organized Communicator  AD-2.2 Airports
   LDG-1 Facings  LAG-14 I Know You  AEX 1.14
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 16  LDG-9 Guidon  LLP-2.19 Arguing Well  AGF-2 Flight Training
   LDG-11 Command Voice  LAG-19 It'sMe, Not You  AEX-1.15
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 17  LDG-6 Columns  LLP-2.4 Supervision & Discipline  AD-3.1 Air Circulation
   LDG-2 Flanks & Rear  LAG-8 Spider Web  AEX-1.16
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 18  LDG-7 Column of Files  LLP-2.5 The Team's Life Cycle  AGF-3 Special Programs
   LDG- 3&4 Side Steps & Open Ranks  LAG-5 Oh, Snap!  AEX-2.2
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 19  LDG-8 Close & Extend  LLP-2.6 The L.E.A.D.Model  AD-3.4 Weather Systems
   LDG-1 Facings  LAG-21 Land Mines  AEX-1.20
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 20  LDG-9 Guidon  LLP-2.10 MBTI  AGF-4 Fun Things to Do in Aviation
   LDG-11 Command Voice  LAG-15 My Community  AEX-2.6
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 21  LDG-6 Columns  LLP-2.11 Conflict  AD-4.1 History of Rockets
   LDG-2 Flanks & Rear  LAG-20 Not Me  AEX-2.7
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 22  LDG-7 Column of Files  LLP-2.12 Leading in a Diverse Society  AGF-5 Getting Your Ticket
   LDG- 3&4 Side Steps & Open Ranks  LAG-4 Not True  AEX-2.15
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 23  LDG-8 Close & Extend  LLP-2.16 Power  AD-6.3 Living & Working in Space
   LDG-1 Facings  LAG-16 It's All in the Cards  AEX-2.13
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    
 24  LDG-9 Guidon   LLP-2.17 Leadership Styles  AGF-6 Aviaiton Professionals
   LDG-11 Command Voice  LAG-25 Gettysburg  AEX-2.3
   LDG-10 Monkey Drill    




LAG.  Learn to Lead Activity Guide
Example:  LAG-21 Land Mines. 
See the Learn to Lead Activity Guide and reference the "Land Mines" activity.   

LDG.  Learn to Lead Drill Guide
Example:  LDG-9 Guidon.  
See the Learn to lead Cadet Drill Guide and reference the "Guidon" section.

LLP.  Learn to Lead Lesson Plan Library
Example:  LLP-1.6 What is Leadership?  
See the Learn to Lead Lesson Plan Library, go to the Volume 1 lesson plan section, and reference the "What is Leadership" section. 
If the code begins LLP-2.x, reference the Volume 2 lesson plan series


AD.  Aerospace Dimensions Leader's Guide
Example:  AD-5.2 Solar System
See the Aerospace Dimensions Leader's Guide and reference the Solar System lesson for module 5

AEX.  Aerospace Excellence II
Example:  AEX 1.10 Lost on the Moon
See AEX II, activity number ten, Lost on the Moon
If the code begins AEX 2.x, reference the AEX II Volume 2 activities

AGF.  Let's Go Flying
Example:  AGF-6 Aviation Professionals
See the Let's Go Flying Instructor Guide and reference lesson six


(Not shown)
Use the fitness drills, calisthenics, and fitness test shown in CAPP 60-50, Active Cadet Fitness Guide


(Not shown)
Use any character forum resource found on the cadet character home page

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