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Curry Blues Voucher

The Curry Blues Voucher provides cadets with a $100 credit to assist them in purchasing the "blues" uniform, upon their earning Achievement 1, The Curry Achievement.


How the Curry Blues Voucher Works

(1)   Notification.  Within 5 days of officially completing Achievement 1, cadets receive an email from Vanguard containing their voucher information.

(2)   Value.  Vouchers take the form of a $100 credit at our uniform partner, Vanguard. A full "blues" uniform costs about $150, so families are asked to contribute the difference above the first $100. 

(3)   Authorized Items:   Cadets may use their vouchers to purchase items relating to the "blues" uniform, including:

  • Blues garments:  shirts, trousers, skirts

  • Flight cap

  • Belt and buckle

  • Shoes

  • Necktie or tab

  • Insignia:  airmen chevrons, flight cap device, blue 3-line nameplate, curry ribbon, ribbon holder

(4)   Expiration.  Curry Blues Vouchers expire 45 days after issuance. We want to serve as many cadets as possible, but doing so requires us to enforce a firm, but reasonable, expiration date. Unfortunately, vouchers are not renewable and are not transferrable.

(5)   Remaining Balances. If the cadet uses only a portion of the $100 available, the remaining balance is returned to CAP. 

(6)   Exchanges.  Please contact Vanguard if you need to exchange an item. Vanguard will swap items one-for-one, but the cadet must pay for shipping.

(7)   Recycling Uniforms.  When a cadet outgrows a uniform or leaves CAP, local leaders will request that the cadet return the uniform so that it may be used by another cadet.


Best Practices for Staff

Partnering with Parents.  When a new cadet joins CAP, encourage the cadet and the parents to register their email address with CAP. If CAP knows the parent's email address, the voucher will be sent there in addition to the cadet's personal address. 

Publicity.  When promoting a cadet to C/Amn (upon completing the Curry Achievement), mention to the cadet and his or her parent(s) to watch their email for a Curry Blues Voucher. Check spam folders, too.

Monitoring.  A report is available in eServices to help you manage the program.  
eServices > Cadet Promotions > Reports > Curry Blues Voucher Report

1.  Assign the task of monitoring Curry Blues Vouchers to a staff member   (ie: Supply Officer, Personnel Officer, DCC)

2.  Get into the habit of running the report on a certain week of the month, preferably one when cadets are wearing the "blues" uniform.

3.  Download the report. Look at each individual named on the report. Does he or she have a full blues uniform? If not, ask if the cadet needs help using the Curry Blues Voucher.

4.  Vouchers expire after 45 days so pay special attention to cadets who earned the Curry about 1-month ago so that their voucher doesn't expire before they can use it. Unfortunately, vouchers cannot be renewed or transferred. 

Point of Contact.  Please direct your questions about the Curry Blues Voucher to local leaders, or if necessary, 

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