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Annual Cadet Survey

Each year Civil Air Patrol conducts a survey of cadets and their parents. The survey aims to collect data on the cadet encampment program, cadet protection, and other areas of interest. Thanks to previous surveys we know:

  • 82% of cadets earn B's or better at school
  • 76% of cadets "strongly believe" in community service
  • 72% of cadets are interested in military service
  • 65% of cadets are interested in aviation careers
  • Cadets who attend encampment promote faster, on average, than those who do not
  • Cadets who receive scholarships or other tuition assistance to attend encampment promote at the same rate as those that do not receive assistance.  

All this information helps the National Cadet Team to develop better programs, justify support from current partners, assist in finding new partners, and generally improve the cadet experience.  


Basic facts about the 2017 survey:

Survey Title: 2017 Civil Air Patrol Cadet Survey
Purpose of Survey: To evaluate the performance of the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program, justify further Air Force support of encampments, and generally improve the Cadet Program.

A representative sample of CAP senior members, cadets aged 13 and over, and cadet parents will be invited to participate via an email being sent in early December. This is a change from previous surveys, which were sent to all cadets and parents. This sampling process provides a more representative picture of our membership.

Senior members, cadets, and parents will each receive a different version of the survey, with questions designed to be relevant to their CAP role.

Opt-In Status: No one is required to participate in the survey; it’s completely voluntary.
Survey Design: Researchers at the RAND Corporation, one of America’s most prestigious think tanks, developed the initial survey for CAP. The survey has been maintained by members of the National Cadet Team trained in social science research and survey design.
Confidentiality: Only CAP National Headquarters personnel will have access to survey data. CAP will not share the collected data with outside agencies, except as provided for in law or by CAP regulation. All results will be presented in aggregate, never on the basis of an individual's responses, and will be used to communicate the worth of the encampment program to the Air Force and public, and to improve the Cadet Program.
Legal Compliance: The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act regulates how organizations collect information from youth under age 13. In order to prevent non-compliance issues, CAP is only surveying cadets aged 13 and older.


2017 Questions are currently being finalized and will be posted when available.  

2016 Civil Air Patrol Cadet Survey Questions

2016 Civil Air Patrol Cadet Parent Survey Questions


Questions & Feedback:


Last updated:  22 November 2017

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