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Parents as Volunteers

Cadet Sponsor Members

CAP can always use more adult volunteers. If you are willing to serve occasionally as a chaperone or driver, consider joining as a Cadet Sponsor Member. CSMs pay a reduced rate of national dues and are exempt from local dues. To ensure they understand CAP missions and their role in supporting cadets, CSMs complete the Level I Orientation Course, and for safety are screened and trained per our cadet protection standards. For a uniform, CSMs may wear a distinctive CAP uniform such as a special CAP polo shirt, or opt to remain in appropriate civilian attire. 

Next Step:  Visit the home page and talk with local adult leaders.


Parents' Committee Volunteers

Parents can support the cadets in their local squadron without officially joining CAP by serving on a parents' committee. Some ways parents can help include:

  • asking area businesses to make financial or in-kind donations 

  • organizing a carpool system 

  • planning an awards night or pot luck dinner  

  • helping the squadron connect with local civic groups 

  • serving as a guest speaker 

  • spreading the news about CAP and helping recruit new members.

Next Step:  Tell local leaders you're willing to help in one or more of the areas listed above. 


Officers / Senior Members

Parents who are interested in participating more fully in CAP's missions should consider joining as a Senior Member. 

Next Step:  Visit the home page and talk with local adult leaders.



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