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Spaatz Award Exam - Proctor's Instructions

Thank you for volunteering to serve as a Spaatz Award Exam Administrator. The Spaatz is the ultimate cadet award, so your service as an honest-broker is very important.

Overall Process

A helpful diagram explains the exam process, and the exam rules are formally codified in CAPR 60-1.


Two Deep Leadership

It is a required to have two senior members on site for the exam. Spectators are welcome, too, though only the fitness test is "spectator-friendly."


Administering the Exam

Proctors must confirm that the General Advancement Prerequisites (CAPR 60-1 Section 5.2.3) are  met. Cadets attempt the Spaatz Award Exam via the Learning Management System application on eServices. Have the cadet log in to eServices > LMS > Courses > Cadet Programs: Milestone > Spaatz Exam.  

Full Directions and LMS Walkthrough

A scorecard is available to help you with the administrative aspects of the four exams, which are:

(1)  A closed-book leadership test with a 60-minute time limit. Your role is to ensure the cadet does not have any notes or books handy and to be on hand in case of a technical problem. While the software tracks the time limit, please help by making note of the time and giving oral warnings at 15 minutes, 5 minutes, etc.

(2)  A closed-book aerospace test with a 60-minute time limit.  Your role is exactly the same as that for the leadership test.

(3)  An essay on a character-related topic, with a 60-minute time limit.  Your role is to supervise the cadet's writing efforts. When the cadet has completed the essay, please upload for grading. You'll receive the results via email within 10 days. If 10 days elapses and you haven't seen the results, please email us at If the cadet fails the essay, NHQ provides constructive feedback on how to improve for next time. The cadet does not keep a copy of the submitted essay. The proctor will delete/shred all instances of the essay once the grade is present in eServices.

(4)  A cadet physical fitness test, which is scored pass or fail. This is where exam administrators have the most work to do. Your role is to put the cadet through the sit-ups, push ups, and a  mile run. Please allow the cadet to do the events in whatever order he or she desires. Have some cold water ready. Orally announce lap times or repetition times for the various events. Give the cadet all the encouragement you can.When the cadet has completed the test, please upload scores for the record.

Pass all three events in the cadet physical fitness test, as shown below:

Spaatz Award Fitness Test
  Males Females
Sit-ups 81 78
Push-ups 62 41
Mile Run 6:29 7:30


Some FAQs about the fitness test:

Q:  If a cadet has a medical situation, what events do I administer?
A:  Cadets claiming a Category III or IV assignment need to provide documentation to before attempting the Spaatz Award exam (reference CAPR 60-1 The recommended form is on page 37 of the CAPP 60-50 Active Cadet Fitness Guide and should be endorsed by their physician and unit commander. NHQ will verify that whatever exemptions the cadet requested were properly authorized.

Q:  If a cadet previously failed the CPFT, what portions do I re-administer?
A:  You re-administer the whole CPFT from scratch. If the cadet passed the mile on the first attempt, for example, that's no matter, he or she must run the mile again and pass it again.


Permissions to Enter the Exam

Spaatz Exam Administrators are designated by the Wing Commander.  Only the Wing Commander may add or remove Spaatz proctors.  Once a member has been given permissions to administer the test, they retain those permissions until they are removed as a proctor.  


Partner:  The Spaatz Association

If your cadet needs extra encouragement, The Spaatz Association wants to help. You can reach them at


Points of Contact

Please try contacting us via email first at If you need to phone a real person please dial Cadet Programs at (334)953-5352.


Thank you for your service and good luck to your cadet(s).

Last update: 29 Mar 2023

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