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Proof-of-Concept for Improvements to CAP's Publications Architecture

As authorized by the National Commander, the Operations Directorate will employ CAP Standards to implement policies and rules promulgated in OPR:DO regulations.  More specifically, CAP Standards are envisioned as a tool for establishing standardized programs, training syllabi, and operations procedures.  Each CAP Standard shall be referenced in an approved CAP regulation and shall be formally published on CAP’s Publication Library.  Compliance with the content of CAP Standards is required.  CAP Standards required by the recent revision to CAPR 70-1 are currently available for preview at Publication Library > Regulations for Preview.  As additional standards are planned, they will be listed here.

Standards Currently In Development

CAPS 71-7, Pilot Flight Clinics -- this new standard will supersede CAPR 60-1(I), CAP Pilot Flight Clinics.  CAP/DO intent is to more fully describe the role that flight clinics can play in the development of CAP aircrew.  Inputs will be solicited from Region DOs/DOVs during the development process.  The descriptions of the process for submitting required records will be streamlined.  The forms required by this program will be formalized on 31 Mar 20 in conjunction with CAPR 70-1 as CAPF 70-6, Flight Clinic - Attendance Roster and Certification of Participation and CAPF 70-7, Flight Clinic - Final Report.


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