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Aircraft Operations

Providing safe, effective, and efficient, standardized guidance to those who fly in the Civil Air Patrol.


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The information below is broken down into general information areas.  Areas that were a repeat of other web pages are not posted on this site.

Approved Supplements to CAPR 70-1

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Information for Prospective CAP Pilots

General Information for CAP Pilots

Air Operations Guidance

Aircraft Operations Pamphlets

CAPP 71 Series - Aircrew Training
CAPP 72 Series - Standardization and Evaluation
  • 72-1 Standardization Program (in development)
  • 72-2 Flight Clinics (in development)
  • 72-3 Aircraft Checklists (in development)
  • 72-4 Aircraft Information File (in development)
  • 72-5 Evaluation Program (in development)
  • 72-6 Evaluation Criteria (in development)
  • 72-7 Analysis and Improvement (in development)
CAPP 73 Series - Operations Procedures
  • 73-1 Airplane (in development)
  • 73-2 Glider (in development)
  • 73-3 Balloon (in development)

Aircraft Operations Forms

Aircraft Operations In-flight Guides and Checklists

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