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Change Communications

CAPR 70-1, CAP Flight Management, has been substantially revised and these changes became effective on 31 Mar 20.  In conjunction with the revision of CAPR 70-1, a number of CAP Standards (CAPS) were also published and changes were made to the Operations Qualifications (Ops Quals) application in eServices.  For more information on the content of these changes, please visit the Change Communications page.  This page provides presentations, videos and Q&As used at recent CAP/DO Lunch & Learns. 

Reorganization of Aircraft Operations Web Page Content

The Aircraft Operations web pages no longer contain directive documents.  Instead, "guidance" previously posted here has been consolidated into formal CAP publications published under Members > Publications (e.g., regulations and standards).  The subordinate pages of Aircraft Operations are being reorganized to reflect the structure of CAP's Aircrew Professionalism model - Environment, Risk, Aircraft, Self, and Team. Training materials previously found here have been moved to AXIS, while links to training materials have been eliminated in favor of referencing the appropriate system (AXIS or NESA).  Finally, we are no longer maintaining direct links to assets published by the FAA.  To obtain the latest FAA information and publications, please go directly to .

General Information

Links to documents providing general information about specific types of aircraft operations will be provided here as directed by CAP/DO. 

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