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Aircraft Information Files (AIF)

Change Notice:  The information found on this page is also replicated on the Aircraft Operations > Standardization and Evaluation page, which is its new home.  

CAP Standardized Aircraft Information File (AIF)

The content required to construct an is currently published at Members > Publication Library > Forms as CAPF 70-8, AIF Content and CAPF 70-8G, AIF Content - Glider.

AirPlains Cessna 172 180HP Performance Data

Custodians of C172 aircraft equipped with an AirPlains STC for a 180 HP engine and a gross weight increase to 2550 pounds may want to consider adding the performance data provided at the hyperlink above to the AIF at Tab 6.  Although not FAA-approved, this manufacturer-provided data addresses the omission of relevant information from the STC AFM Supplement.



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